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Red Dragon Wild

Adding to the huge selection of online gaming slots on based around the far-east and ancient China, Red Dragon Wild is a comprehensive and detailed take on the genre. Red Dragon incorporates a martial arts theme and houses symbols such as throwing knives and nun chucks that can be matched to earn yourself some wins. Discover the two red dragon bonus symbols, one will unlock a bonus game, the other will breathe fire across the reels enabling you to capitalise on extra wilds.

Red Dragon Wild online slots game logo

About the Developer

The very blueprint of the online gaming industry, ironically flows through the veins of the very
appropriately titled Blueprint Gaming game company. With an extensive list of titles, Blueprint pride
themselves on creating lasting experiences for many to enjoy. Themed games are their strong-suit
and will continue to be moving forwards with every new release as they begin to carve themselves
a very big part of the online gaming industry.

Red Dragon Slots gameplay

About the Game


How many times can you say that you faced a fire breathing behemoth unscathed? Not
many right, well in Blueprint Gamings Red Dragon Wild: a unique game with a great theme
and surprising twists and turns that are to excite and amaze. Infiltrate the dragons lair and
reap the rewards of the spoils you make it out alive with, that is the basic premise of Red
Dragon Wild. You play as a ninja, one that has probably trained his entire life to defeat the
dragon in this tale. Everything about this game is very based on the colour red, which is
the universal sign for danger and rightfully so there’s a fire breathing dragon about! Fire
and the use of yellows where appropriate make this game a very vibrant title, with fonts
and buttons all taking the shape of something you’d find in a game that is very influenced
on Asian culture.

Symbols take the shape of various items you’d expect most ninjas to carry, nunchucks,
throwing stars and sai blades are just a few of the notable examples on show here. Each
symbol will reward different scores depending on how many are matched in the same
winning combination. These symbols are all re-designed to fit the feel of this game. You’ll
recognise some of the online slot favourites almost immediately, the numbers 9 and 10 as
well as the Jack, Queen, King and Ace are all on display here. You really want to be
looking out for wilds and scatters as these symbols will provide the player with the chances
to increase their score almost double depending on what and where you match.

If you are one of those players who likes to kick back and relax there is always the autoplay
feature which allows you to set a stake and the amount of games you wish to play in
the background. You can cancel the auto-play mode at anytime and is strictly there for you
to see rewards while not fully being invested in the game if you are only after a slot with a
good pay-out percentage (something Red Dragon Wild has very much so).

The Verdict

Most games tend to be pretty bland when it comes to the big picture, Red Dragon Wild does a
great job in juggling many different themes while creating the perfect cross fade for some rather
interesting gameplay that can leave you playing for hours on end. When you choose to stop will be
up to you although the thought of tackling more dragons is always an incentive to come back for
more. 9/10

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