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5 Skills to be learned from Gambling

5 Skills to be learned from Gambling

The benefits of gambling


Strategic thinking


Strategic thinking, in simple terms, is getting ahead of the competition, figuring out how to be successful and finding ways to get the biggest returns. This can clearly be applied to casino slots, as strategic game players will try out different ways to play games, figure out how it all works, and find out how they can win. Have you ever heard stories of people who have turned £50 into £5,000? They won’t have got lucky in a slot game (if they did, they would have to be really lucky) they’ll have figured out the best way to play and kept at it. Want to learn how to be a strategic player? Do your research – watch videos, read up on it, and practice.  


Budget control


Sure, you might not be looking after a large-scale business’ budget, but you’re looking after your own budget, and surprisingly that isn’t a skill that everyone has. If you’re a responsible gambler then you’ll know exactly how much of your money you can allocate to gaming, without ruining your day-to-day expenses. Plus, knowing when to walk away shows determination and self-control – and we all know how hard it is to walk away sometimes.




As mentioned above, part of self-control is being able to walk away from the game when you know you need to. Being a responsible gambler also means understanding when playing the game is becoming unhealthy, when to seek help, or even something as simple as giving yourself a budget limit and playing no more than that.


Observational skills


When you play offline poker, you can use your powers of observation to read people, pick up their signals, and figure out their weaknesses, but when you play online poker that’s completely taken off the board. You can’t see anyone. However, you’ll usually have an online chat system, where you can either choose to become ‘pally’ with the players, or manipulate them to your advantage, e.g. pretending to be a professional player in order to worry them and throw them off their game, or pretend to be a total newbie when you’re actually quite good.


Basic maths skills


You’re not going to be solving equations, and figuring out what in the world ‘x’ stands for, but you will learn basic numerical skills from playing online games. For example, you’ve got odds, where you can figure out how much to bet based on how likely your favoured outcome will be. You can also calculate how much return the game gives on average, by looking at its payback percentage, deducting it from 100% - and this is how much the game returns (on average) for a £1 bet.


These skills are all qualities that are coveted outside of the gambling world, online and offline – whether that is in an office role, customer service, or any other business environment. online slots can help you gain these skills, or if you already possess them then gaming (responsibly) could be an option for you.