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Best Online Casino Bonus No Deposit

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Here at Wizard Slots, we have compiled a helpful guide to the best online casino bonuses no deposit required, to aid you in locating the finest bonus deals to suit you.

Just in case you didn’t know, casino bonuses with no deposit allow you to try out online slot games for free, to learn the ropes and have some fun, without any of the financial risk. What’s not to love?

Why online casinos offer no deposit bonuses

For casino sites, a no deposit bonus is a great way of luring in potential players by allowing them to give the site a ‘test drive’, without having to invest any money. If the player enjoys the experience, they will become an established player at that particular site.

For players, the benefits of a no deposit bonus are obvious. Not only do you get to play free slot games, you can also decide whether or not you like what a particular online casino site has to offer. Better yet, you could even walk away with some real money.

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No deposit bonuses come in different forms

If you have no experience with these kinds of uk slots online promotions, you may not be aware that an online casino bonus no deposit can come in different formats.

One of the most common is free spins. The amount of free spins you will get, and their value per spin, will vary depending on the casino. Free spins are often tied to a particular slot game, so the bad news is you won’t get to choose what game you play – but you will get to test drive a particular slot and see if you enjoy the experience.

Another kind of no deposit bonus is free bonus money – typically a very small sum, such as £5 or £10, however on occasion you will find bigger sums, such as £25 or more.

No deposit bonuses can also come in the form of bonus spins.

Which is best – free spins or bonus cash?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on what you are looking for, and the value of the individual offer, as sometimes free spins will be worth more than bonus cash, and vice versa. For example, 50 free spins worth 50p a spin will be worth more than a £5 welcome bonus. Also, take into account that these might apply to specific casino slots games, so this could be the determining factor for you!

How to claim a casino bonus no deposit

One of the great things about finding the best casino bonuses with no deposit required is just how easy it is to claim such a bonus. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

  1. Find the casino of your choice. Once you have found one you are happy with, make sure you do a little background reading to check up on the licensing of that particular casino and its terms and conditions – particularly the terms and conditions of the actual bonus.
  2. Make an account with that casino, by filling out some basic info and linking a payment method, such as a bank card or Paypal. Many casinos also offer mobile payment platforms which merely require phone number verification.
  3. Claim your no deposit bonus and start playing!

Understanding the terms

Even the best casino bonus offer will come with a set of terms and conditions. This is only fair, as the casino is allowing you to have fun and try it out for free. These terms and conditions will vary from offer to offer and from casino to casino, but they will all include a number of common factors. Read on to find out more.

  • Wagering requirements

If you don’t know what these are, wagering requirements refer to the number of times you have to play your bonus through before you can claim any winnings. These requirements will differ depending on which offer you have chosen. They could be as low as 10x or as big as 50x, though typically 45x is considered the cut-off point when it comes to fairness.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully to find out the wagering requirements of the bonus you have chosen, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises. The best casino bonus no deposit will offer reasonable wagering requirements that aren’t too high – some may not even have any requirements at all.

  • Capped winnings

Most no deposit bonuses will come with a winnings cap, which is generally set at around the £100 mark. However, the best online casinos will offer a more generous cap, even up to £500. The higher the cap, the more money you will get to walk away with should you win.

  • Time restrictions

Another thing you will want to read the terms and conditions very closely to discover is what the time limit for the bonus offer is. Again, this can range very widely depending on the offer and depending on the casino. Some offers come with time limits of as little as a few hours, but others can extend up to 30 days, giving you plenty of time to test out the casino and use your offer before it expires. Obviously, the more time you have, the more relaxed you can be when it comes to the promotion and when you play.

  • The casino or slot games you can play

A number of no deposit casino bonuses are tied to particular games, so if you were hoping to use the offer to try a game of your choice, you could be disappointed. Typically, the games tied to the offer will be mentioned in the advert, but they will certainly be included in the terms and conditions, so make sure you read them closely.

The best casino bonuses will come with a long list of games you can choose from, to make your options less limited. However, if you find such an offer, bear in mind that different free slots will fare differently when it comes to meeting the wagering requirements.

Can you win real money with these no deposit bonuses?

This is sure to be a pressing question on many players’ minds, and the good news is that, yes, you can very often win real money with a no deposit bonus – though, as mentioned above, exactly how much you will win depends on the winnings cap.

What do I do with my winnings?

This is entirely up to you. You can either withdraw them, once you have reached the winnings cap – or, if you have enjoyed your experience playing on the online casino site, perhaps you may like to use your winnings to make a deposit and keep playing.

Can you cancel your no deposit bonus?

If you do end up deciding against the use of your no deposit bonus, never fear, it can be cancelled. The support team at the casino site you have chosen are on hand to assist you with its cancellation.

Can you get a no deposit bonus if you are not a new player?

If you thought that the best online casino bonus no deposit was only available for new players, then you will be happy to hear that you thought wrong! Casino sites also like to reward their existing players with no deposit bonus offers and other special promotions, often on a monthly basis, so if you have worn out your welcome offer there will still be others you can take advantage of. Be especially sure to look out for particularly lucrative bonuses on special occasions and holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

How do you choose the best online casino bonus no deposit for you?

At the end of the day, deciding which is the best online casino bonus is really up to you, the individual, as it all depends on what you are looking for from an offer and what you want to achieve.

For example, do you want an offer that has a more extensive list of games to its name, or one that has fewer wagering requirements? Do you prefer a small cash sum to a free spins offer? Do you want a casino bonus tied to a particular slot game you really want to try, such as Starburst or Bonanza?

Only you can answer these questions – and once you have established what you want, it will be much easier to find the best no deposit bonuses to suit you.

Final thoughts

Hopefully our blog has helped answer some of your most pressing questions about the best online casino bonus no deposit and how to find the bonuses that are most right for you.

While you are here, be sure to stick around and check out some of our other informative blogs on online slot games – and if you are new to Wizard Slots why not make the most of our welcome offer, which could see you win a top prize of 500 free spins on Starburst, as well as Amazon vouchers and other goodies.