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Can you Beat the Slot RNG?

Can you Beat the Slot RNG?

Every time you play an online slots game, you are entering into a whole world dictated to by chance, but there are some games that you can sway much more with your own luck than others. The most popular games played on online casinos are those of slot games, and it’s just a case of praying that Lady Luck is with you when you are playing these style of slot games, along with the likes of roulette and most other card games.  But why is this the case and how does it work? We are going to let you into all the secrets behind the world of the online casinos.

What Does online slot RNG mean?

The acronym RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and this is the way in which an online casino game knows which number on the dice, which card is next to be drawn or which reel is next to align. RNG’s are used by casinos so that they looked to the players as if they are completely random and are emulating what would occur in a bricks and mortar style casino. The idea behind them is that this ensures that all games remain fair to all players at all times, there is no definitive way to win on slot games, it's all based on luck.

How does RNG influence the Operation of casino games?

An RNG is a cleverly devised piece of software used by a casino, built into each applicable game to prevent cheating, help ensure equality across all players, and protect the casino itself. It is designed to generate a special sequence at random but have absolutely no logic to them, so players are unable to work them out. This is because there are so many numbers used to make up an RNG sequence that they are completely illogical to try and follow or decipher. These clever algorithms conform to the standards expected within the general gambling world and the online gambling world.

Games of chance, when played online, are all possible thanks to the concept of RNG. This ensures that the excitement and unpredictable nature of gambling remains the same but the results as to any placed bets do not.

How Clever is the Random Number Generator?

Many people believe that RNG’s are linked to a form of artificial intelligence in some way, but this is incorrect. People are often confused by this because they think of how clever the technological software is behind the ability to create the random number sequences, protecting the players and the casinos, all at the same time and just with one piece of technology. But what they are actually doing, is just replicating the random effects of what would naturally happen in a casino if a dealer was to shuffle a deck of cards, or dice was to be thrown. You could not 100% predict the outcome, though you may use your skills to card count, for example, but you would never want to place everything you owned on one specific outcome, just in case. This is exactly what the RNG does – gives you the randomness of a land-based casino game but from the comfort of your own home.

Does a Random Number Generator Know What I Am Doing?

Absolutely not! An RNG does nothing more than create a random sequence of numbers in order to create the random sequence of events needed within certain online casino games. It is not recording what you are doing, monitoring how you are playing or linking to the amount of money or time you have spent on a certain online casino game sites. This is not what it is designed to do and is as far removed as being part of a Big Brother regime as you could possibly get.

Do I Need to Understand this feature?

You do not need to fully understand the inside workings of an RNG in order to get the most out of your favourite online casino games, but it is a good idea to pay some attention to the fact that that is how your favourite games are possible in the first place. Giving yourself a basic knowledge as to how slot machines can give you winning spins is beneficial but will not change the way in which you play, your win rate or your levels of enjoyment.

There are specific people who continuously check that the online casinos have a working and correctly working RNG within their online casinos, so that you, the player, has absolutely nothing to worry about and you can rest assured that you are not being cheated out of any potential winnings in an unjust way. There is such thing as a Seal of Approval regarding the legitimacy of the RNG of an online casino site which you can usually find at the bottom of the homepage. It is not essential that you find this Seal, but if you are wary or would like reassurance that the site you are interested in playing on is fully approved, this is a good thing to look out for.

Beating Slot RNG

Can Casinos influence their RNG?

If an online casino manipulated their own RNG, their regular players would soon catch on and they would move on quickly. The draw for most player in regards to gaming online is the fun, fairness and equal possibility that every player has in their ability to win at that time. No reputable online casino would risk, or would want to risk, their chances of losing all of the players they have worked so hard to find, gain and keep. This would be a detrimental move, not only on the casino but only the players themselves, too. For this reason, RNG’s cannot be easily altered and certainly not by the average member of society.

Online casinos, as well as bricks and mortar casinos, want you to have an enjoyable player experience because they want you to keep returning to their site. Therefore they want to maintain their reputation, and despite the fact that we all know about the casino house edge, we always return for more fun. It’s usually the RNG we have to thank for most of the fun, anyway!