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Free Bonus No Deposit Casino UK

What is a wagering requirement?

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Online slot games are a global phenomenon. They are a universal game, which means that they will pretty much work the same wherever you play in the world. The player sets a real money stake, spins the reels and tries to match up the game’s symbols across a pay line. The symbols, the number of reels and length of pay lines will differ between different games but the overall premise stays the same.

Whether you are playing slots in the UK or anywhere else, you can also find that online casinos offer different online casino bonus no deposit offers to incentivise players. So, what free, no deposit casino bonus should you look out for when playing on a slots UK site?

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What bonuses do UK casinos provide for free?

There are two types of casino bonus that players can find at a UK casino, a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus to spin slot games.

A deposit bonus is an offer that players can unlock by putting forward a real money deposit first or by meeting a wagering requirement.

A no deposit bonus is given to players without a deposit or having to meet a wagering requirement. Both of these come in different forms but before we discuss those, we need to understand what is meant by a wagering requirement.

What is a bonus wagering requirement?

When an offer mentions a wagering requirement, it means that the player will need to deposit a certain amount of real money before they can withdraw any winnings that they may have gotten with the free online casino bonuses no deposit.

This deposit amount will be displayed as a multiplier that usually corresponds to the bonus amount. For example, a £30 deposit bonus may come with a 4x wagering requirement. This means that the player will need to have deposited £120 of real money before they can withdraw any money that may have been won using that initial £30.

It may take a while to get used to these types of examples, another of which can be found right here at wizard slots. If you head to the wizard slots promotions page you will find that our 500 free spins on Starburst offer come with a 65x wagering requirement. There are no offers without wagering requirements on wizard slots.

A no deposit bonus is an offer that does not come with any wagering requirements. That must mean that they are free to use?

Things to consider before claiming a no deposit casino bonus

Whilst no deposit bonuses look like a good idea on the surface, there are a few things to consider before you claim one.

First of all, they aren’t that common among all casino promotions. The no deposit casino bonus is mostly used as part of a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is used to attract new players to a casino site. These offers allow players to play the casino games on the site free for a short time and showcases all of the good things that the site offers. This includes winning real money when they play these types of games. Once these bonuses run out, the player will then need to make a real money deposit of their own to keep playing. Thus the casino has successfully gained a new customer.

With this in mind, we can now go on to talk about the worth of these types of offer. If you look at a no deposit UK casino offer alongside an offers with wagering requirements, you might notice that the deposit offer aims to give the player more. This is because the casino is receiving their money back eventually with a deposit offer as the player needs to deposit an amount of money before they can benefit from the bonus. With no deposit offers, the player is taking money directly from the casino if they are lucky enough to win. Also, there is no guarantee that they will continue to use the game. Therefore, the casino will only offer a small reward for players that sign up to use a no deposit bonus.

Lastly, there is not as much freedom when you place a wager with a no deposit bonus. With a deposit bonus, the player can set their stake as high or low as they wish. This can lead to higher returns that go toward the wagering requirement. With a no deposit bonus, the player is usually fixed to a set bet level. This means that any possible winnings may be small. Another way that online casinos can keep their outgoings down when offering no deposit bonuses.

Types of No Deposit bonus in the UK

When signing up to use a free no deposit welcome offer at an online casino, players will come across two bonuses that allow the player to experience the games on the site. These are:

  • Free Deposit amount: when a player registers to use the site, the player is given a set amount of credit. This can be used as a wager on any of the casino games across the site.
  • Free Spins: this is a number of free spins that can be used on the slot games on the site. As mentioned above, with a no deposit offer these free spins will likely only allow the player to set a wager of a fixed, small amount.

Once these offers end the player will need to make a deposit of their own to continue playing or leave the site.

Best Casino Games UK to wager a No Deposit Bonus

Now that we understand what a wagering requirement is, what is the best way to fill it?

The answer to this is simple. Each casino game across an online casino will come with a weighting percentage. This weighting percentage represents how much of the player’s deposit will go toward their wagering requirement. This will be detailed in the game’s description or among the terms and conditions of the site.

It is very common for a casino game such as roulette or blackjack to have a weighting of around 10% or 20%. This means that the player will need to play these for a long time before they meet their requirement.

With slot games, this is not the case. Almost every site puts the weighting of their slot games at 100%. This means that the entirety of the player’s deposits counts toward the wagering requirement. This will cut the time needed to wipe it out quickly, allowing players to withdraw any possible winnings funds from a bonus easily.

That is why slot games are the best casino game to play in the UK to wager a no deposit bonus.

Best slot games to play with a free bonus

When you receive a number of free spins from a casino bonus, where is the best place to use them? These are some slot games that are ideal to play with free spins.

  • Fluffy Favourites: this fairground based slot from EyeCon is perfect for newcomers. There are 5 reels and just 25 bet ways. The draw for this slot is its high variance, which means that players will match up pay lines frequently but these will often consist of low pay out amounts. Perfect for players that want to start learning with a low stakes game. The theme of this slot is extremely colourful, taking players on a journey through an animated funfair. The betting range isn’t too broad as players can bet between 1p and £12.50 per spin whilst the bonus pick-me game is not too complicated.
  • Starburst: taking place in outer space, this slot game from NetEnt is a more retro affair. The symbols are basic, coloured gems which will result in different pay outs for players lucky enough to match them 3, 4 or 5 times across a pay line. The variance is low here, which means that pay outs will be few and far between but consist of larger amounts. Since this slot game’s bonus features include only expanding wilds, a number of free spins will be handy to have in this game. The player can start playing Starburst by placing a wager between 1p and £100 and the possible max jackpot in this slot is a huge 50,000x the players stake.

These slots are both available in the wizard slots library. We even have a bonus offer that allows players to spin the mega reel and try to win up to 500 free spins to use on Starburst. This offer comes with a 65x wagering requirement (Full Ts & Cs Apply).

Terms and Conditions Apply on Free Bonuses

The UK has a number of different gambling laws that are not generalised to the rest of the globe. Therefore it is imperative that new players thoroughly read the terms and conditions when signing up to use these casino sites. These terms and conditions will also be present when players sign up to use an online casino bonus. Make sure you read these as the terms and conditions will detail any wagering requirements as well as the risk and reward nature of gambling.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.