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Free Spins No Deposit No Wager

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Online slot games are increasingly popular these days, with a mind-boggling array of themes to choose from - a far cry from the traditional fruit machines of old. If you want to try your hand at these games yourself, but you are worried about the financial risk, then why not try out casino sites which offer free spins without deposit? This means you can try out slot games without even having to put down a deposit and without having to make any real money bets. So you get all of the fun and none of the risk - what’s not to like? Read on to find out more! 

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What are free spins no deposit no wager? 

Free spins no deposit 2021 and no wager are promotions offered by online casino sites to attract new players. They give you the chance to try out online slot games without any financial risk or investment - not even a deposit. Essentially, what they do is allow you to try out slot games - often a particular slot, usually a popular one such as Book of Dead or Fluffy Too - by providing you with some spins with no charge. Of course, this means that you don’t stand a chance of winning much, if at all - but it does mean you get all of the fun and none of the fuss when it comes to your bankroll. 

Playing free spins no deposit no wager in the UK 

It should be pretty easy to play free spins no deposit no wager in the UK as there are various online casino sites offering you the chance to try out their online slot games free when you sign up, though offers with no wager required tend to be much rarer than your standard no deposit bonuses.  

Why are there so many of these promotions around, you may wonder? These offers are designed to give players the chance to get a feel for a particular game - and a particular casino - without having to risk any money, and then hopefully they will become a loyal player of that casino once they have enjoyed their free spins.  

Because there are so many promotions available, to find the right offer to suit you, it is crucial that you do your homework and closely read through the different promotions and their terms and conditions, as these can vary quite widely from offer to offer. We will talk more about these T’s and C’s below. What you need to bear in mind is that you should take your time when selecting your no deposit free spins offer as the number of spins you can get can range from as little as 10 to as many as 100, or even more to enjoy slots online uk

Can you win real money with no wager free spins?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can definitely win real money with free spins no deposit no wager offers, which you can either withdraw or keep in your account to use when you spin to win slot games for real money, depending on the offer. So in short - you don’t have to spend any money to win some! However, as we already mentioned, these offers tend to be rarer than normal no deposit free spins offers as there isn’t much in it for the casino site and it’s hard to be too generous when you are also trying to operate a business. 

Before you get too excited, it’s worth remembering that you are unlikely to win a large sum with these offers, as you only have so many free spins to play with. Still, every little helps, to quote a well-known supermarket. 

Wagering requirements and Ts & Cs

One of the best things about free spins with no deposit and no wager is the lack of wagering requirements, which can make many free spins offers a little more complicated. If you are not familiar with wagering requirements, they represent the number of times you have to play through your bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. They can vary quite widely, but generally hover around the 45x mark. 

Online casinos use these wagering requirements as a means of ensuring they don’t lose out too much through their promotions - and because these requirements are written into the terms and conditions, if you fail to meet them, the casino has the right to take away your winnings so you end up walking away with nothing. 

That is why free spins no deposit no wager offers are so great - not only do you get the free spins, but you don’t have to worry about wagering requirements either. 

Free spins vs real money slots 

When it comes to the question of whether free spins no deposit no wager offers are better than playing for real money, it all boils down to what you want from your online slot game experience. Do you want to play for fun, enjoying yourself without any financial risk - or do you want things to be a little more serious and potentially a little more exciting and/or nail-biting? 

As we have mentioned, free spins no deposit slots are ideal for players who are new to online slot games or who want to try a particular casino or a particular slot game without any worries about budgeting. They can also come in the form of offers for existing members of a particular online casino, such as a monthly promo or daily free spins offer; a good way to maintain customer loyalty on the part of the casino. 

On the other hand, real money slots are arguably more exciting, due to the inherent risk of losing your stake - or winning a big payout, depending on your luck. That is why these online slot games are so popular. Of course, the amount of actual financial risk involved varies depending on which slot games you choose. With low volatility slot games you can expect more frequent wins, albeit smaller sums, whereas high volatility games can provide massive payouts, but on a more irregular basis - and you have to invest more in order to have the chance of winning them.  

Here at Wizard Slots we have a wide variety of real money slot games available, with a spectacular array of themes and styles, as well as a range of offers - just check out our Promotions page to find out more. 

How to find no wagering spins

As we have already mentioned, it is a pretty simple task to find free spins no deposit no wager offers, although they are less common than regular no deposit free spins offers which come with wagering requirements. Various online casinos provide these offers on a regular basis, with different terms and conditions depending on the casino involved. These terms and conditions can include:

  • A time limit. This could be anything from 24 hours to a whole month - after which the offer will expire and you will no longer be able to claim it. 
  • A winnings cap. This is the amount of money the casino has set, above which you cannot withdraw. Often, this limit is set at around £100, which is pretty generous considering you haven’t had to make any financial investment at all. 
  • New players only. Many casino sites only provide these promos for new players, although as we covered above, sometimes you can find free spins offers designed for existing customers too. 

Once you have found an offer that suits your requirements, you may be wondering how you can actually claim it? Happily, this process is very simple and easy to do. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter your contact details 
  2. Choose a username and password
  3. Select a payment method 
  4. Once your free spins are credited to your account, start spinning! 

We must note again that the number of free spins you can get will differ greatly depending on which offer you choose, but generally no deposit offers will come with fewer spins than bonuses which require a deposit.  

Can you win real money without deposit?

As we have mentioned it is perfectly possible to amass some real winnings even when you are playing free spins with no deposit and no wager. This means that you will need to verify your account when you sign up for the promotion, so that you can withdraw any winnings once the offer is complete. 

If you are new to online slot games and keen to try and gain some winnings through your free spins then here at Wizard Slots we would recommend trying low volatility slot games, which are more likely to give you payouts on a regular basis. Just remember that the offer probably comes with a winnings cap so you will only be able to withdraw a certain amount. 

Of course, whether or not you win, the great thing about these free spins no deposit no wager offers is the fun they allow you to have, and the experience they allow you to gain, without any financial risk at all. Any real money you may happen to win is just an added bonus!