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Online casino is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and for this reason, online casino sites have to fight harder than ever in order to capture the interests of potential new players. Otherwise, no one is going to sign up for an account with said sites.

One of the main ways the casino sites win new customers is to put up exciting ‘welcome bonuses’. These are offers available to customers that do not yet have an account with a particular casino site, yet when they do sign up these bonuses will be credited to their new accounts.

Bonuses can either be handed out after the customer’s first deposit (we call these ‘deposit required’ bonus offers) or without any deposit at all, and this is free spins no deposit.

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What are Free Spins No Deposit?

Effectively, free spins for casino slots without deposit means what it says. You can actually get free spins from online casino sites as a welcome bonus without putting in any of your own hard-earned real money. Of course, there can be catches and restrictions to this, as if every single casino site just constantly dished free spins without these then they would all lose money.

If you play your cards right, however, there is definitely some money to be made with free spins no deposit.

Free Spin UK Offers

Free spins on registration no deposit can be handed out in a couple of different ways, so let us check out some of our favourites.

Random Prizes

In some free spins no deposit welcome offers, customers will get the chance to spin a wheel or receive a random prize. They might end up with nothing, or they could end up with a tonne of free spins, so this type of offer has some exciting potential for sure.

Free Spins on Specific Slots

A lot of the time, you may see a free spins slot games offers that advertises x amount of free spins for a particular online slot game. Usually, this will be a very famous slot game such as the likes of NetEnt’s Starburst, so there is nothing to complain about here!

General Free Spins

On the flip side of this, you might get free spins to use on any slot game on the casino site that the offer comes from. A bit of flexibility goes a long way, but you may find that the number of free spins is less than those in other forms of free spins no deposit offer.

Terms and Conditions for No Deposit UK Spins

Free spins no deposit UK can be a bit of a gamble from the casino sites themselves, as there is a possibility for players to bonus-surf. That is to say, savvy punters often find themselves skipping around from casino site to casino site, claiming free spins no deposit UK bonuses, taking the cash and then running.

To combat the chances of this happening, casino sites will often place a whole bunch of terms and conditions on their free spins no deposit welcome bonuses so that they can minimise the amount of free cash they hand out in order to minimise their potential losses.

These terms and conditions can come in a variety of forms so it is important to keep an eye out for those. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most frequent terms and conditions that we see for welcome bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

Often, casino sites will require you to play through your winnings a bunch of times before you are able to withdraw the cash. If this is too many times, players might end find themselves having to put in their own cash just to be able to withdraw, which just feels like a bit of a waste of time at the end of the day.

Deposit Required

Worse than this still, players may even have to put down a deposit after claiming their winnings. This would make it a deposit required offer after all, and we think this is kind of cheating!

Last Thoughts on Free Spins No Deposit UK

Free spins are a wonderful thing, and the chance to be able to claim some of them without having to fork out from your own wallet at all is even better. While there are some great offers out there in this domain, it’s crucial to be savvy and always read the terms and conditions, as everything is not always as it seems.