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How to Win Big at the Casino: Slot Edition

How to Win Big at the Casino: Slot Edition

Let us be clear, slot machines often have the worst odds out of any game found in a casino. That being said, the jackpots can often be some of the biggest you can get in these establishments, so it pays to know a few tips and tricks on how to win big with slots

Unfortunately, it becomes much harder to know how to win big when you are at a casino, this is because the RTP – Return To Player – of the machines is never disclosed. There are also fewer sources on which to read up on that with their Internet counterparts and, more often than not, the casinos are greedier than Internet developers.

That being said, it is certainly still possible, let’s have a look at some of the key things that can help you win big at the casino.

Find the Right Casino

First things first, it pays huge dividends to do your research and go to the right casino as they vary massively when it comes to the odds of a huge win. It is impossible to give a comprehensive list, but here are a few of the best casinos for slot machines in the gambling hotspots Las Vegas and Macau:

  • The Venetian Vegas
  • Golden Nugget Vegas
  • Luxor Vegas
  • MGM Grand Macau
  • City of Dreams Macau

Again this is no definitive list, just a few of the casinos widely regarded as having the most generous slots available.

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The One Play

This is definitely one of the more simplistic routes to go down and, whilst rudimentary, it can end up paying off handsomely. It is all very simple, sit at your chosen slot and bet the maximum amount possible on one spin. If you win keep playing, if you lose however go straight to the next machine.

Continue in the same vein and sooner or later you will hit the jackpot and win big, or at least hopefully you will. Of course, it must be said that this tactic is not the best and still relies heavily on luck. What it does do however is keep you from sitting at the same slot for too long and potentially exhausting your funds.

The Standard Deviation

Here is a tactic that relies much more on averages and intuition rather than a primitive hope that the possibilities swing in your favour. It is quite mathematical, so a good counting brain is crucial.

  1. Secure an “equal pay slot”. This is a machine that works on a quantity parallel to the number of coins you stake with.
  2. Next, calculate the sum of turns in-between each win. After 10 or more goes of doing this, you will have the average number of spins between wins.
  3. Utilize this information in order to bet intelligently on the slot. Think about it, if you are aware of the average amount of turns between each win you can bet accordingly, placing bigger wagers on the spin that has the biggest probability of winning.