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How to Win: Online Slots

How to Win: Online Slots

Online slots are a mainstay in any keen gamblers arsenal; offering fun and wholesome entertainment, alongside an often outrageous win potential, and graphics to rival the best in computer gaming, with many different methods to win slots. From The Great Ablini to Alchemist’s Gold, all the way through to The Fabric 4 and The Codfather, there is something out there for every kind of punter!

That is all well and good but you can’t play forever if you do not know how to win – all the available money will quickly be gone. Luckily there are a variety of ways to make sure you are winning, and when done in tandem with each other the pay off can be fantastically large. Let's get started and check out slots here!

Finding the Best Online Slots

It is easy to lose the proverbial battle before you’ve even begun if there is not a stark focus on where you are looking for online slot titles. You wouldn’t just wander into any casino would you? The same applies across the Internet. A few respected sources are Fortuna Gaming or Wizard Slots, as well as the developer’s websites. 

Once you have a trusted library of online slots to choose from it is time to pick the right title – a key ingredient in how to win. As we will see there is a variety of factors that can first help you choose slot games to play, and second, dictate in which way you approach betting on it. Amongst other things, online slots with a high amount of cut scenes or video graphics will probably pay out less than a more simplified version. Bare this in mind.

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RTP - Return to Player

One of the main things to be considered is the RTP, or Return To Player, of any given title. This is a percentage that can tell you the average rate that the particular online slot pays out at. To be in with a better chance of winning you will want a title that hits 97% or more, as this is a fairly high percentage. Look at games like Monopoly Big Win or Mega Joker, both have a whopping 99% RTP, but only in certain game modes. Here's a guide to help you choose some of the best video slots with high RTPs!

Slot Volatility

Another exceedingly important part of how to win at online slots is considering the volatility of your chosen game. This relates to how easy it is to make big wins but also potentially lose big, contrasted to making lots of little wins and minimised losses. Generally, titles with a free spin bonus will be more volatile, whereas pick em’ rounds are indicative of lower volatility.

Know Your Slots Game

It goes without saying, but it is absolutely paramount that you know exactly how to play the slot you have chosen. With the surplus of exciting bonus features around nowadays, it can be very easy to skip over them, not a good idea as they are the fastest way to the jackpot in many games. Moreover, make sure you have good knowledge of all the scatter and wild symbols, you need to know how these will affect your chances of winning.