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Land Based Slots Vs Online Slots: Which Wins Hands Down

Land Based Slots Vs Online Slots: Which Wins Hands Down

In recent years, the popularity of online slots games has sky-rocketed.  In 2014, the Mirror estimated that 164 million people worldwide would be using mobile devices to gamble by 2018.  That doesn’t mean, however, that land-based gaming has lost its charm.  Land-based arcades still draw millions of customers every day, and some slots players are completely dedicated to the real-world experience.  So, which is better overall?  Land-based, or online?  Let’s compare. 



There’s no denying that there’s something about the atmosphere of a land-based casino or arcade that you can’t quite capture elsewhere.  The sounds of other players on their own machines, the ‘clink’ of coins entering slots (or more recently, the whirring of pay-out tickets being fed in and out), all adds to the experience.  And for many slots fans, it’s as much about socialising with other players they meet as it is about gambling.  However, as technology evolves, and creative thinkers generate content, online slots are increasingly replicating this atmosphere.  Sound effects, graphics and features can create an immersive experience that rivals even the most vibrant amusements arcade.


Choice and Control

Playing at a land-based arcade offers you some variety, but nowhere near the vast catalogue of slots games available online. Casino slots sites such as Wizard provide hundreds of games to choose from, from many of the world’s top developers.  If you fancy a classic arcade experience, there are Eyecon’s iconic Fluffy Favourites, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can brave Pariplay’s quirky and hilarious Sharknado.    



The seats in land-based arcades are usually nice and comfy, and occasionally you’ll be offered free refreshments, too.  But nothing can quite compare to the comfort of your own settee.  That’s where homebodies might choose online slots over land-based.  Slots fans who have mobility difficulties can also access online games far more easily, allowing them to enjoy their hobby without leaving the house.



As we move into a technology-driven future, the possibilities for online slots seem limitless.  Developers such as NetEnt, Aristocrat and Eyecon are driven by a desire to keep slots evolving, to dazzle a technology-savvy new generation of players and amaze even more experienced lovers of classic slots.  Digital technology offers the opportunity for effects that can make online slots games really stand out from the crowd, such as HD graphics, animated sequences, and surround-sound music.  And now that developers are exploring the possibilities of VR for gambling, who knows what the future will hold?

In conclusion, it’s clear that both land-based and online slots have a great deal to offer the player.  It’s all down to personal preference, and it’s amazing that players now have the choice to play a physical slot machine or a virtual one from the comfort of their own home.  Just as we still meet up for a pint, but go home to log onto Facebook, so it seems with the world of slots.  Just as we still enjoy a night out in the arcade, we’re moving forward, onward and upward into new realms, as the online slots, phenomena continues to grow.