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Online Casino Payment Methods

Online Casino Payment Methods

With the increase in popularity of online casinos, a wide range of online payment methods have arisen throughout the internet, and it can be daunting when choosing which one to go with. For many new and existing online slot players, the process of depositing money into their accounts is often met with hesitation, with concerns about the choice of options and how secure each of them are. We have therefore compiled a detailed list of all depositing methods available on Wizard Slots so that you can choose the method that best suits you.

Up to three of the following different payment methods may be added to your Wizard Slots account:

Debit card

One of the most popular depositing methods on Wizard Slots is payment via debit card. This is an extremely simple method of payment, requiring only the information listed on your card. This method is particularly useful in ensuring that players do not spend any money that they do not have, as debit cards are loaded only with your actual money.

Wizard Slots currently accept Visa Electron, Maestro and Mastercard debit cards.

Credit card

Credit cards are also a very popular method of payment on Wizard Slots, allowing players to deposit money to their account and then pay it back to the credit card company at a later date. This method is very quick and straightforward, requiring only your card number, expiration date and verification code.  

Although this method is very useful for playing before payday when you do not have enough money in your account, credit cards should always be used responsibly when gambling. Never deposit any money that you can’t afford to lose and be sure that you will be able to pay back the credit card bills.


Paysafecard is an online prepaid payment service, available at most local shops and petrol stations, which allows players to load money of various amounts onto a card with a 16-digit PIN code. This card can then be used to deposit money to your account on Wizard Slots and you’re ready to play - simple!

This method is very popular amongst players who do not have access to a debit/credit card, or have concerns about security and are uncomfortable with submitting their debit/credit card information online.

Pay by mobile

With more and more people choosing to play mobile slots, Wizard Slots offers players the option to deposit money on the go via mobile. For Pay As You Go customers, the deposit amount will be deducted from your mobile credit balance, or added to your monthly bill for Pay Monthly customers. Players should then receive an SMS message to their phone in order to confirm their payment. This method is quick, easy and convenient for on-the-go players, and does not require players to hand over their credit/debit card information.

Pay my mobile with Wizard Slots is available on all iOS, Android and Windows devices, and is supported by most leading phone networks.  


Another popular payment method on Wizard Slots is the use of PayPal, an online payment service that provides players with an extremely secure way to deposit and withdraw money.

This method can be particularly useful in setting and sticking to a budget, as players must first transfer a specific amount of money from their debit/credit card to their PayPal wallet, and are unable to spend more until this is topped up again. The withdrawal process is also extremely straightforward - all Wizard Slots needs is the email address linked with your PayPal account.

Please be aware that the only currency accepted is GBP and that all payment methods must be in the same name that is registered with a Wizard Slots account.