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Online slots vs. Land based: How to Win at a Casino Slot Machine

Online slots vs. Land based: How to Win at a Casino Slot Machine

The abyss between online slots and land-based variants is increasing by the second. The former has a lot more freedom in terms of themes, visual content, and extra bonus features, but the latter offers that nostalgic feel, alongside an actual physicality to the game that cannot be overlooked. Online slots versus land based… who will be the victor? And how do you win at these slots

Online slots vs. Land based

A good old classic slot machine will certainly hold a special place in many ageing gamblers’ hearts, its touch and feel is just incomparable to the online editions. After all, there is nothing quite like frantically pressing some buttons and watching real physical coinage fly out in return. Even still, it can be hard to see part its limitations – you cannot play titles such as Vikings Go To Hell or Age Of The Gods in the casino.

Furthermore, online gambling can be a lot more transparent than the classic variety. For one, developers are obliged to release the RTP (Return To Player) of any given slot, unlike in a casino where they are rarely, if ever, disclosed. This goes a long way in the decision process when choosing the right slot to play, a significant part in how to win at slots. But never fear; there are certain methods that can help you deduce your chances on a physical casino slot machine.

Although they are, on average, less generous than their online counterparts, there is still the possibility of a huge jackpot, and therefore it pays high dividends to know how to win at casino slot machines. Read ahead to find out some top tips on how to win!

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How to Win at a Casino Slot Machine

Whilst it is impossible to definitely say how to win at a slot machine, especially the on-land variety, there are some things you can do to give you a better shot at the jackpot. Firstly, make sure you are in a generous casino, this goes a long way in improving your odds. The Venetian Macau is often touted as one of the best for this.

Secondly, find the right game: you will want to play something you understand, not too difficult to follow but also in possession of some potentially lucrative bonus features. It pays off here to keep moving periodically from slot to slot, this prevents you from spending all of your cash at once. Some punters even like to use the “one play” technique; this involves making the highest bet possible on a spin and picking another slot machine entirely if you lose.

You may also find it beneficial to attempt to find out the average number of spins before a win via a spot of counting. Although it can take a while and be initially expensive, this method can allow you to deduce exactly when to place a higher stake, which can in turn dramatically increase your chances.