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Slots with best odds vs Slots with the worst

Slots with best odds vs Slots with the worst

Along with the unprecedented rate of modernization over the past few decades has come the Internet explosion and with it a gargantuan amount of top-rated online slots games that completely overshadow their physical counterparts. Now more than ever it can feel almost impossible to choose a game to gamble on – would you like quality visuals? Perhaps an intriguing theme? Or maybe a good old medley of awesome special features and bonus rounds? Well, whilst these things are all good to consider the main point is whether or not you will be able to win. So, let’s have a look at how to decide which slots have the best odds, versus slots with the worst. Don't waste your time and check out these slots games today!

RTP on Slots

One of the most important factors for any avid gambler to consider is the RTP, or Return To Player, of any game you are betting on. Slot games with the worst odds will have a lower RTP, often this is 93% or less and the titles tend to rely more on playability to attract punters. Anything up to 95% represent slightly better chances of a win, but you really want to be hitting the 97%+ mark to be playing slots with the best odds.

Winnings-To-Wager Ratio of Slot Games

However, the RTP is not the only thing that needs to be considered. For instance, a game could have a 99% rating but only offer a return of 1000x your wager, whilst a title with lower RTP could land you something more like 30,000x. Therefore, to ask what wins between slots with the best odds versus slots with the worst can really depend on the initial stake you’re willing to gamble with. But anyhow, enough with the theory behind the question, let’s take a look at some of the online slot titles with the best odds, and some with the worst.

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Of course, it’s difficult to scan across the complete extent of the online and physical slots market, but one of the best games in terms of RTP at least has got to be Monopoly Big Event. Barcrest develop this game and offer a sizeable 99% RTP, however in accordance with what was discussed earlier, Monolopy Big Event only gives this when you stake £30. Another title with very high RTP is Mega Joker, a retro fruit machine slot from highly acclaimed developers NetEnt. Again the RTP is 99%, but only whilst in super mode, a bonus game with higher bets and higher pay-outs.

These are just a few examples, but remember that slots with best odds vs. slots with the worst is a fairly relative question and often relies on multiple factors such as RTP and the size of the initial wager. One thing can be sure though, you know that a higher return to player percentage will often result in better odds of a winning gamble. It is just important to consider how much you are willing to bet and any special features on offer. Ultimately, slots with best odds versus slots with the worst is a relative question, it is better to understand the mechanics behind the choice and make a decision accordingly.