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The Amazing Rise of Mobile Casinos

The Amazing Rise of Mobile Casinos

The Rise of Mobile Casino

As the popularity of online casino games has continued to grow year on year, technology has developed and surged alongside it. As well as an increase in the sheer amount of online casino games available, there is an even bigger range of games, bonuses, features, and in-play options available to the avid gambler. The rise of mobile casino was sparked by the ease and usability of playing games on the go and in the palm of your hand. In 2014, it was estimated that around 164 million people would use their smartphones to access online gambling by 2018.

Why now?

Phones are getting smarter. Every year sees the release of new devices that revolutionise the industry and casino game developers are responding to this by creating innovative new games. The mobile phones we own are more advanced, more fun to use, and offer a vast range of usability options. Casino game developers are creating games that are optimised for mobile and make use of the high-quality graphics, sound, and usability that modern smartphones offer. In 2017, it was estimated that around 85% of the UK adult population own a smartphone. With such a vast consumer base, it’s hardly surprising that the mobile phone has quickly developed into a stand-alone gaming platform.

How do people play casino games on their phone?

Users can access casino games straight through their browser, or by downloading apps that allow quicker and easier gameplay. Many online casinos offer players the opportunity to sync their accounts across multiple devices, meaning that users can access the games at home, at work, on the bus, anywhere! Smart phones are all about creating smarter ways to organise our time, and gamers benefit from the ease of transferring and withdrawing funds from their casino accounts, whilst keeping tabs on their balance on their mobile banking app – all from the palm of their hand!

What are the advantages of using a smartphone to access casino games?

Many new online casino games are optimised specifically for mobile and playing them through a smartphone offers a much better gaming experience. This may be because of the quality of graphics, videos, and sound that new smartphones can handle, or the touchscreen feature that makes playing games easier and more interactive. The use of apps can also make gaming on the go quicker as it saves the time spent loading up a PC and searching for the host site. This also means that the millions of users of online casino games can access their favourite games on the go.

The rise of mobile casino has brought the thrilling world of casino to a whole new market. New players who may feel intimidated by the etiquette and rules of land-based casinos can experience the same thrill and rewards but through a virtual environment that allows for more relaxed gameplay. It’s easier to get involved, but its also easier to get out if a player feels that they have reached their budget.