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Top 5 biggest gambles in life

Top 5 biggest gambles in life

How does gambling affect our lives?


You’ve got the small gambles in life – like letting someone new make you a cup of tea (is it going to be half milk?!), deciding to leave all your Christmas shopping till the last minute (and cursing yourself for it) or telling people you don’t like dogs (who are you?!). But sometimes in life, you’ve got to play with the big boys and decide some pretty life-changing decisions.


Moving place


It could be something like moving towns, moving to a new country or becoming a nomad – moving from place to place. What’s it going to be like? Am I going to make friends? Will I get homesick? It’s scary, but you’ll never know until you try, and it could end up being the best decision you ever make.


Making a career change


Maybe you’ve been working in finance for the last 20 years but actually, you’ve always wanted to be a carpenter. Plucking up the courage to start again, quit your safety net of a job, and making a go of it is one of the ballsiest things you can do. Just do your research, save up some of that casino slots money and ease yourself into it.


Rent or buy


The life-long debate of renting or buying plagues everyone at some point in their life – which makes more sense? Renting could end up taking more of your money, but then do you want to stay in the same place for years if you buy somewhere? Can you handle the stress of buying a place – the mortgage meetings, the actual moving in, and the decorating?


Getting married


One of the big ones – making a commitment to stay with someone for the rest of your life (although nowadays that’s not always the case) by putting a ring on it, is a huge decision. Before you get married you’ve got to be certain they are who you want to wake up to every day, want to live with and potentially start a family with. That’s pretty life-changing stuff.


Having children


This is probably the biggest decision you have to make, because not only are the kids stuck with you as a parent for the rest of their life, you’re stuck with them too! In the beginning, after all of the 3 am wake-up calls, screaming fits and shit-filled nappies, you could be thinking the gamble didn’t pay off, but then you witness their first smile, their first steps and their first words and you crumble – and want to do it all again!



If you’ve never made a gamble in your life, or if you’ve actually gone through all five decisions and came out the end of it (smiling or crying), you can probably relate to this in one way or another. Life will throw all sorts of cards at you, whether you’re ready or not. If you’re feeling like you want to take some time out and procrastinate on these big decisions, why not take another gamble – but this time for some cash?