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Top 6 Places to Gamble around the World

Top 6 Places to Gamble around the World

Gambling locations

Combine your love of travelling and gambling, and create a bucket list round the world adventure. Spend one minute discovering the local culture of a city, and the next understanding the gaming lifestyle and everything that goes with it. You catch some of the most interesting people inside casino’s – from the eccentric to the veterans – so why not meet them in some of the most interesting corners of the world?

Las Vegas

The bright lights of the big city, located right in the heart of Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is undoubtedly the place most people think of when they think of a gambling trip. The first casino was built in 1931, called Pair-o-Dice Club, and today there’s 40 casinos located on the strip. When you’re not casino-hopping, head out to the Grand Canyon, go watch a show like the Cirque du Soleil, or visit ‘Venice’ and have a trip in a gondola at the Venetian.

Monaco – Monte Carlo

This place has a hedonistic allure that you can’t ignore – and even though it’s the world’s second smallest country, it packs a punch. So, it’s time to channel your inner party animal and head to the home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The first casino was given the go-ahead in 1856 to help tackle the poverty Monaco found itself in. The place was originally called Les Spelugues, but Prince Charles III was asked to rename it due to its negative connotations (it means ‘a den of thieves’) – so he named it after himself – Monte Carlo, aka Mount Charles. It’s a lavish, legendary building that’s open til 4am.


Often overshadowed by its neon-covered counterpart, Reno, located in Nevada, is known as the ‘biggest little city in the world’, with a population of 245,255 and 6 impressive casinos. Tick Vegas and Reno off the bucket list together, and then when you’re finished, head out to Lake Tahoe or to one of the ski resorts near Reno.


The Star has just reported that Macau has seen its strongest revenue growth in casinos since 2014 – so it’s in for a good year! Take a stroll down the Cotai strip and you’ll be hit with high-rises, neon signs and lots of bright lights – like the long-lost twin of Vegas! Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal, and like Vegas, has 40 casinos. Watch out America, there’s a new gambling king in town.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Relax in paradise by day and hit the big-time at night – Paradise Island has it all, from the beautiful Cabbage Beach (way better than it sounds), to the impressively large Atlantis Resort, complete with a world-famous casino. If you want to experience the passion of American sports while chilling in the Bahamas, go down for the Battle 4 Atlantis in November – where 8 colleges battle it out in 12 games across 3 days.


Starting with the exclusive gentlemen’s clubs in the late eighteenth century, gambling has become an intricate part of London society, and still retains some of its exclusivity, in places like The Ritz Club, the discreet Clermont Club, and the highly desirable Park Lane. But not to worry, there’s also plenty of places to play in the heart of the city: The Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square and the Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair. Tick off all the famous London landmarks by day, party with the high-flyers in Mayfair by night!

Before you head off on this ‘gambling bucket list adventure’ you might want to get some practice in! So, while you’re saving up your pennies, play some online games in the meantime – you never know, you might even win enough to pay for your whole trip!