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UK video Slots with the Best Odds

UK video Slots with the Best Odds

Being able to determine the best slot game odds is a crucial part of gambling, without it, your pockets won’t be getting any heavier, in fact, they will be getting lighter by the second! There is no set factor that defines this, rather a few different things that all contribute towards the best odds of winning in various ways. Go ahead and check out slots here.

Return To Player slots

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is the RTP, this stands for Return To Player and signifies the average percentage of times a punter will see some kind of winnings come in. Obviously, this goes a long way in how to determine the slot machines with the best odds of winning.

Games with a low RTP of 94% or less will generally have the worst odds attached to them, although this does not always have to be the case. Moving forward anything up to 96% can be considered as a relatively RTP, go above 98% though and you are often looking at slot games with some of the best odds of winning.

Winnings-To-Wager Ratio

Return To Player is certainly a large part of how to determine the slot machines with the best odds of winning, but there are definitely other things to consider when making the decision. For instance, many titles have wildly different numbers associated with the return – it could be 5000x your initial stake or 20,000x. Because of this, a slot machine with a higher RTP could still give worst odds on making a large sum of money than a game with lower RTP.

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Special Features and Bonus Round Slot Games

Moreover, it is important to consider any special features or bonus rounds embedded in a slot machine. Perhaps a game has an average Return To Player and an underwhelming wager to winnings ratio in its base mode, however incorporates a bonus round with much-improved odds. For example, look at Mega Joker by NetEnt, this title offers a 99% RTP but only when a bonus round called super mode is activated.

How to Determine Online Slots with the Best Odds

With this knowledge in mind let’s take a look at a practical technique that can be a significant help in how to determine the slot machines with the best odds of winning. It relies heavily on mathematics and begins with finding an equal pay slot, which is a machine that works on bets related directly to the number of coins you use.

After you have done this tally the number of tries before each win after 10 spins the average sum of turns between wins will be clear. In general the least spins required to win, the better the odds of winning, however, similarly to with RTP you must also consider other things. Using this tactic will at least give better insight into how exactly to play each slot machine

Conclusively there are a few different ways to determine the slot machines with the best odds of winning and all must be taken into account simultaneously. Consider any given slot machines RTP, wager to win ratio and bonus features or rounds to be in with your best shot!