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What are the Best Slot Machines to Play in a Casino?

What are the Best Slot Machines to Play in a Casino?

With so many different online casino slots to choose from, there is definitely a slot machine style to suit everyone wanting to play.  But to make sure that you have chosen the right slots for you, you need to spend a bit of time working out what exactly you require from your gaming and which online casinos can provide for you.  To help you to make a good decision for you, here are a few pointers so that you can choose the right slot machines in a casino:

Playing Online Casino Slots with High RTP

The RTP is the return to player and in effect, this is the likelihood of how often you will win on slots.  The higher this percentage, the better your chances of winning on our best slot games and the higher the frequency.  Perhaps the winnings individually may not be ginormous, but put all of your winnings together and the total value soon adds up with multiple wins. RTPs are made clear for players to see and are there to help you, not to confuse you.  So take a few minutes and search around for high Return to Player percentages.

Role of Volatility in Slot Machines Popularity

The lower the risk, the more likely you are to win. So, look for slot machines which are classed as being low volatility machines. This means that the winnings may be smaller, but they will definitely be more frequent. Over a period of time, your winnings will add up to a substantial amount of money and losses will be kept to a minimum.  A great low volatility slots machine for you try would be Hotline.

When the volatility level is higher the wins can be enormous, but the chance of you winning is very slim and you want to be careful since there is no real way to cheat slot machines. A popular high volatility slots machine for you to try would be that of King of Atlantis. Weigh up what’s more important to you and think about your budget, too, and make a well-educated decision from here.


Are the most Popular Slots Over-Advertised?

When slot machines are really obvious and are being highly publicised by a particular online site, then the chances of them being easy to win and having big winnings are generally very slim. It would be advisable in this instance, to do some digging around of your own on your favoured sites and find the less publicised games. The best slots machines are generally publicised so that the online casinos have to pay out lower amounts of money and less frequently. Don’t be drawn in by the flashy front welcome pages of a website, they are they to predominantly take your money and not to help you make more.

Research before you Start Playing on a Casino

Make sure before you create accounts with certain sites or begin playing specific slots games that you have done all of the possible research.  This will save you time, effort and money, as well as prevent the frustration of picking a slots machine which is not highly thought of at all.  You can find out a lot from the reviews and ratings of overall sites and specific games, along with social media groups created for this very purpose.  Slots reviews and ratings are very honest and they are a great way for you to find out if the games never pay out, if the winnings are slim, or if the jackpot has never been hit, as well as many more useful pieces of information.

Role of Casino Game Branding

When slot games have been branded, this has generally cost the online casino a lot of money to implement.  For this very reason, the stakes for you to play the game are usually a lot higher, so are not always suitable for every player, and the winnings aren’t always as high as you would think considering the initial stakes.  Why?  Because the online casinos have had to pay for the branding implementation and, in effect, use your stakes to pay for it.  You aren’t going to win big with branded slots so go and use your money to play on a different type of slots machine elsewhere.

 branding in online slots

Find the Best Slot Machines Bonuses Before Sign-Up

Why risk potentially wasting money by losing if you are able to play your favourite slot machines online for free but still have the ability to win substantial financial rewards?  Search the internet for freebies, promotions and offers which are available for new players as well as old hands.  Look for free cash and free spin bonuses to help you on your way.  Remembering that casinos compete against each other to win customers long term is exactly the reason why they go to such great lengths to offer such incredible deals and do so frequently – keep your eyes and ears open! You might even be able to find a few free play slots that you can demo without having to deposit.

Online Jackpots and RNG

If you have been playing on the same slots for a fair amount of time and haven’t seen anyone win, then it is perhaps advisable to think about moving on.  In the online slots world, the monetary jackpot does not build up over time thanks to the Slot games RNG used to generate the random numbers for calculating winning sequences.  You are just as likely to win multiple times in a row as you are to lose every round you play.  Keep this in mind and don’t hang around thinking that because you’ve been playing for a while that the jackpot you’ve been waiting for will soon be yours, because, sadly, it won’t!


Max Betting vs Normal betting in UK Casinos

Due to the RNG, the likelihood of you winning at online slots whether you have placed the lowest or highest maximum bet is exactly the same.  What differs are the winnings.  You can make an incredible amount of money by matching exactly the same symbols but placing the maximum bet, as this is what triggers the jackpot and gives you the big payouts.  Through playing in this way, you don’t only increase the amount of money you can potentially win but you also increase your chances of getting your hands on some nice additional freebies, such as free games, free spins or many other options depending on what site you are playing on.  Imagine finding out that you £100 win has been x1000 because you bet the maximum wager, hit the perfect symbols and the jackpot was yours!