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What Exactly Makes A Good Slot Game?

What Exactly Makes A Good Slot Game?

Whether you prefer playing slots online or in a land-based casino, there’s no denying that some are better than others. What makes one slot better than the other? Is it simply down to great payouts and big jackpots or is it to do with how the game looks? We’ll be exploring what makes a good slot game… If you want to try your hand at a slot in the meantime, head over to Wizard Slots.

Theme and graphics

When choosing your next online slot to play, the first thing you will notice is the theme. If you couldn’t care less about football, you’re not going to pick a football-themed slot. Perhaps the game is based on one of your favourite TV shows or films or maybe it has an adorable animal theme. Interesting characters and beautiful 3D animations are a winner. If a game has bland colours and outdated graphics you’re less likely to want to play. Players enjoy slots that look good but sometimes it’s important to remember that it’s not all about looks!

Branded games

Branded games are games that are based on popular TV shows and movies or other famous figures or things. A few examples of these would be Jurassic Park, Monopoly, and Game of Thrones. These slots are some of the most exciting (particularly if you’re a fan of the movie or show) so they can easily be some of the best slots out there.


Another thing that makes a slot great is the number of lines they have. In the early casino days, slots had a maximum of 9 lines, however, now they can literally have hundreds which gives you even better chances of winning with every spin. Typically, you’ll see that slots have either 20 or 25 paylines. The more traditional fruit-themed slots have 3 lines. Although more frequent payouts sound appealing, slots with more lines have a bigger bet with every spin. Finding the right balance is key!

Exciting features

As the years go by, slots are getting more and more innovative, imaginative and exciting. The majority of slots you’ll see online will have excellent bonus features. Video slots are designed in various ways and no two are the same. Bonus features come in all shapes and sizes and range from fun mini-games to free spins rounds, expanding wilds, cascading symbols, pick me bonus games, and more.

Incredible payouts

Slots may have beautiful graphics and fun themes but without an enticing reward, how can it be the best slot? Attractive payout tables are what draws players in. If you’re looking for a game where you’ll have the chance to win really big prizes then opt for a progressive jackpot. Some of these have massive jackpot prizes of up to £1 million and more.

No two players are the same so what you think is the best slot will be someone’s worst slot. To find the best slot, have a look to see what stands out to you. Do you like the theme? Are the graphics modern? Next, take a look at the paylines and see if they will work for you. Finally, do the features look fun? You want to have a fun gaming experience so make sure the features are exciting and make sure the payouts are great too. If you've been inspired by the slot game talk, makes sure to click here.