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Why Slot Machine Jackpots are so Popular

Why Slot Machine Jackpots are so Popular

Slot machine jackpot games are one of the most rapidly rising forms of gambling entertainment the world has ever seen. Rarely has something been able to incite such unbounded excitement in anybody, from a seasoned gambler right down to an inexperienced novice. There just isn’t anything quite like the sensation of seeing a huge amount of money on the winning screen of a slot machine; it’s an experience that countless people live for.

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But really, why do people love online slot machine jackpot games quite so much? Well, the answer is a multi-faceted one, as there is an almost infinite number of reasons why it is the case. The most obvious explanation is that, quite simply, everybody, regardless of background, culture or class, absolutely loves the prospect of winning a serious amount of money. It’s human nature after all – you just cannot fault it. However, if you do not consider the multiplicity of other factors that are involved – such as exhilarating gameplay, fantastic graphics, and an eye-watering level of bonuses (just to name a few) – you would really be making a massive oversite. Read here to learn more about online slot games!

The Basics

It’s very simple; a slot machine jackpot game is one in which there is a bountiful sum of money available to anyone with the good fortune to win it. At first slot machines were incredibly rudimentary, they were operated by a lever and were constrained to a simple set of reels. To hit the jackpot all you had to do was match the symbols up on a spin, easier said than done of course as it was a more or less completely random endeavour.

As time went on, however, slot machine jackpot games got more and more complex. The introduction of the video slot in the early 1990s paved the way for a much more elaborate software design, in which bonus rounds were really explored as an exhilarating add-on. Subsequently the road to a potential jackpot was made a lot more complicated. However, this is far from a bad thing, if anything the increased twists and turns now make for even more money-making opportunities. Nowadays online slots rule the market, and due to the countless developers striving to make the most eye catching games possible they can be remarkably complex. It just means there are even more ways of obtaining that almighty jackpot – a major reason in why people love slot machine jackpot games.

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The History of Jackpots

Since the dawn of time people have been completely enamoured with the idea of receiving a huge amount of treasure all in one go. It forms the basis of countless myths and legends, whilst still being something that almost everybody pines for even now. Well, slot machine jackpot games are without a doubt one of the best places to try if you fancy a large bag of extra cash. Let’s take a look at some historically massive wins shall we?

In first place is the quite frankly bonkers sum of 39 million dollars that was paid out by a Las Vegas Mega Bucks machine after a pretty brave software engineer placed $100 on one spin. That is a jackpot that is hundreds of thousands of times more than the initial stake – and you wonder why people love slot machine jackpot games? If there is anyone who will love them the most it has to be one Elmer Sherwin – this is a man who astonishingly won $4.6 million in 1989, and then $21.1 million in 2005. Talk about having luck on your side.

The thing is though, unlike something like the lottery, winning a vast amount of money on a slot machine jackpot game is not impossible. Sure, it’s unlikely, but the number of gamblers who win six figure sums on a daily basis is more than enough to prove that it can be done. For instance, in the ever-expanding world of online slots it is getting more and more common for punters to hit some pretty hefty jackpots. Take Pokerstars casino; they have recently introduced several slots on their site that are all set to a minimum million dollar jackpot. Already they have paid out over 12 times in the last couple of years.

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Technological Advancements for online jackpot slots

The increased prominence of online casino is completely down to the wealth of technological advancements made in the 21st Century. You name it these days, a developer can and will turn it into an incredibly well crafted online slot. It’s another major reason why people love slot machine jackpot games, aside from the money. It is just difficult to match the excitement of playing a title like The Codfather anywhere else, and that is before you even think about the possibility of a huge jackpot.

Technological advancements have no doubt made slots a lot more fun to play, but they have also made the jackpots much more readily available. For example, there are so many bonus rounds and features on offers these days, and these are all massive helping hands in making a win. Moreover, they attract more and more players to the games, that in turn means the casino sites can afford to pay out more, hence increasing the jackpots further. If you want to try, visit how to play progressive jackpots guide now!

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Technically, almost all slot machines are also jackpot games as there is always some kind of jackpot to be won. However, when you say slot machine jackpot game most people will instantly think of a progressive jackpot machine. This is a game where the jackpot increases every time there is a losing spin, and the numbers can get outrageously large on these. All of the biggest wins in history have been from progressive jackpot slot machines, of which the Las Vegas Mega Bucks is the most famous. Why do people love them so much? Because, in a nut shell, you could spend 1$ on a spin that takes a few seconds to complete and then find yourself the owner of a few million dollars just like that. Who wouldn’t love them?