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Worst Bets To Make In A Casino

Worst Bets To Make In A Casino

Choosing your bets with precision is the most important thing that you can do in a casino if you want to make money. Start betting like a bull in a China shop and you will end up blowing your bankroll and your chances of winning big. We’ve listed the worst decisions and bets that you can make in a casino either online or in person so that you can avoid them in future.

Craps: Big 6 and 8 

Later on in this article, we will get onto the unlucky number 7 in a game of craps. However, there a few slippery multiple roll bets that we have to discuss first that give the house an extraordinary edge. If you look at the two bottom corners of the craps table, you will spot a Big 6 and 8. They may look enticing but stay well away from these numbers in a casino. Big 6 and 8 play exactly the same as if you were betting on normal 6 and 8, with the difference being in the pay offs. 6 and 8 pay 7-6 odds but Big 6 and Big 8 pay even money. Because of this, the house has a dramatic 9.09 percent edge over the player when they play a Big 6 and 8 compared to a small 1.52 percent on a normal 6 and 8. Therefore, on average, players lose money betting on Big 6 and 8 So, think very carefully before you play this combination.


Baccarat: The Tie Bet

If you’ve played Baccarat before, then you know that there are two hands dealt in the game; one for the dealer and one for you, the player. The way that it works is that anyone can deal on either one of these hands. However, if you win a bet on the dealer’s hand, you must pay the house a 5% commission. This tends to happen more often than the player winning. Baccarat is extremely popular since it lowers the house edge over the player to 1.06 percent.

Nevertheless, there is a third option in a game of baccarat; the tie bet. Something that should not be bet on lightly. At 8-1 odds, there is a possibility that you will make a faster profit instead of just resorting to the even-money payoffs that a player would get betting on either hand. However, casinos do not tell you that the actual odds of winning a tie bet are actually 9.526-1, and the house edge is also a colossal 14.4 percent compared to the previous 1.06 percent. Consequently, it would be foolish to place a bet on a tie when you have an ultimately safer option on hand. 

American Roulette: The Top Line

A casino staple in America, double-zero roulette is very popular because of its simplicity and element of suspense. Also, the house edge over the player is about average, standing at about 5.26 percent. However, a bet that takes this up to 7.89 percent is betting on the top line. The pay is 6-1 if double zero, 0, 1, 2 or 3 is spun. But, is the bet really that worth it if you can have just as much fun betting on other numbers with a lower house edge?


Craps: Seven

It is a crime against gambling to even mention the number 7 in a game of Craps. Seven is the most common number to appear with two die, which explains why the bet is so popular as you win 4:1 on your wager. However, the shooter is much more likely not to roll a seven as it is rolled 1/6 of the time. This means that the house edge on this bet is a whopping 16.7 percent!!

Craps: The Field Bet

The Field Bet is quite a popular bet when it comes to a game of craps. It covers multiple numbers and appears to be a good decision. However, the bet is a one-roll wager, betting on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12. On the 2 and 12, the house pays 2-1 but you only get paid 1-1 on most of the numbers. With only 16 ways that you can win the bet compared to 20 ways that you can lose the bet, the house edge increases to 5.56 percent. So, try and avoid this bet because craps has some of the very best bets in the casino.

On Tilt 

This is probably the ultimate worst decision that you can make in a casino. Tilting is defined by a player that is irate and in a mental state through being beaten. It is also connected with the term ‘steam’ that shows a more a more emotional extreme, where the player becomes violent. ‘On Tilt’ became associated with angry casino players because they would ‘tilt’ the slot machines when they became disgruntled. This can be as an occurrence of both human and non-human factors as well. These include believing a bluff and losing to a poorer hand or the internet cutting off during a winning streak. Both of these factors can have a negative influence on someone’s play, leading them into a rage where they make bad decisions. There is nothing worse than gambling when you are not in a clear state of mind as you tend to be more reckless with your bankroll in an attempt to win what you have lost or to make a point.


When you’re visiting a casino either online or in person, it is important to avoid these bets and decisions if you actually want to build your bankroll instead of blowing it. Now you can take the casino world by storm with your insider knowledge of what not to do and how to avoid giving the house a bigger edge. This will make your betting safer and more enjoyable because you are at less risk of losing all of your money. Use your knowledge on our site today!