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Online Casino Bonus No Deposit

Imagine if we told you that you could sign up with a casino slots on line site, and get free cash or free spins just for doing that. You don’t even have to put down any of your own real money in order to do it, simply sign up for an account, and get free stuff.

You would probably think it would be too good to be true, right? Technically, it’s not. These bonus offers do exist, and we call them ‘online casino bonus no deposit’. Millions of punters around the world take advantage of these offers and cash in on free cash, free spins or other bonus prizes.

No deposit bonuses are becoming more and more popular all of the time, but are they really as good as they seem? There has to be a catch, right? This article is going to investigate all of that in plenty of detail so that you can decide for yourself whether an online casino bonus no deposit is the right option for you, or if you would prefer to go down the more traditional deposit required bonus route.

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What Exactly are No Deposit Casino Bonus Offers?

There’s really not much more to this other than what it says on the tin, at face value at least. It really is quite easy to sign up for an account with a casino online, fill out a few details and then get an instant bonus.

Technically, you could spend your time skipping from casino to casino, taking advantage of bonus after bonus, however, there are a few things that might get in the way of that being as easy as it sounds, and we will discuss those a little later on.

We’re going to check out the pros and cons of an online casino bonus no deposit so that you will know one way or another whether it is the right route for you to take.

Other Common Forms of Casino Bonus

The opposite of a no deposit bonus is, of course, a deposit required bonus. What this means is that you will need to put some of your own cash down first, before you are able to access your deposit.

This amount of money can be £10, £20, £30 or sometimes more, and other times you are able to choose how much that you put down as the amount of bonus will be affected by how much real money you put down in the first place.

The benefit of a deposit required bonus in comparison to a no deposit bonus is that the quality of the bonus is likely to be better, ie. with more free spins or cash on offer, or it could be that there are less hurdles that you have to jump through at the end in order to get ahold of your winnings in the form of real money, as there tends to be with no deposit bonus offers…

You might get a free spins offer with a deposit required attached to it, or you might get what we call a ‘deposit matched’ offer. Here, you will get 100% of your deposit, or double it, back as a bonus, up to a certain amount. So, if you deposit £50, provided that it is within the parameters of allowance (Full Ts and Cs Apply), you will get this money PLUS £50 bonus funds, which means a grand total of £100 to play with on slots games online!

It is likely that the bonus half of that £100, so the bonus £50, is going to come with further terms and conditions as well so don’t get carried away too quickly with this one. That being said, this is a really exciting form of casino bonus and one that should definitely be made the most of so long as there are not too many terms and conditions attached to it that are going to pop up and cause a problem later down the line.

What to Look Out for with Online Casino Bonus No Deposit

And what we are referring to with this, is the amount of terms and conditions that tend to be a part of no deposit bonus offers. Nothing comes fully for free, and this is why we recommend taking precautions before you go ‘welcome bonus surfing’ -  running around and signing up for accounts with a tonne of different casino sites. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular clauses for these offers so that you know what to scope out in the terms and conditions page for the bonuses.

Deposit Required After All

This is probably the most frustrating clause that you will find in a no deposit bonus, as it kind of means that it is not a no deposit bonus at all. With this, players will have to actually put down a deposit after they have already played through their bonus. Having to do this retroactively is actually probably worse than putting a deposit down in the first place, so we think that overall, this is probably the sort of bonus that is worth staying away from. At the start, when there is a deposit required, new players know where they’re at.

In some cases, punters will have to put down not one, but two deposits at different times. This is just a bit silly, as at this point, you would definitely be better off having used a deposit required bonus in the first place. With two deposits, new players can finally make a real money withdrawal from bonus.

You might see this offer written as ‘new players only across two deposits withdrawals’, ‘across two deposits cash’, ‘two deposits cash reward’ or something to that effect, so keep an eye out for words like that.

Activate Within 3 Days of Registration / 7 Day Expiry

Here, you are restricted to the amount of time in which you are able to withdraw your winnings, and how quickly you have to activate the bonus as well.

The ‘activate within 3 days of registration’ here refers to the fact that you will need to use your bonus in this time. So, if you win 50 free spins for example, you will need to use each of those within 3 days. That part is not so bad, but the ‘7 day expiry’ refers to how quickly you need to make a withdrawal. You might see this written as ‘7 days wagering deposit’, ’10 days wagering deposit’, too.

If you have to play through your winnings a whole bunch of times, as we are about to discuss, this could be quite hectic. You may find yourself sitting up all night playing slots in order to get your bonus, and the less organised of us players might find this especially tricky.

Play Through your Winnings

In a lot of casino bonus terms and conditions, you will see something to the effect of ‘50x wagering requirement applies’.

A wagering requirement is a fulfilment that you will have to meet when attempting to cash in on a bonus. This can either be before you use the bonus, such as a deposit required welcome bonus, or after, like when you have to play through your winnings or place a deposit or two after you have already played the bonus.

Wagering requirements are part and parcel of online casino bonus offers, and in the case of a 50x, 65x etc. wagering requirement, this means that you need to play through the bonus 50 or 65 times. This can be a bit of a headache but it is to be expected a lot of the time, especially in the case of a no deposit required bonus.

How Many Free Spins/How Much Cash Bonus?

If your no deposit casino bonus does not have many terms and conditions attached to it, then congratulations, you have found one of the best ones. If you have read through the terms and conditions properly and ensured that you are not going to get messed around later down the line, then by all means, go ahead.

The one thing that you may find with this sort of casino bonus is the fact that these ones will tend to have worse rewards than the casino bonus offers that have a lot of terms and conditions attached to them, or where a deposit is required.

You might get 10 bonus spins rather than 50 for example. Of course, 10 bonus spins is better than having no free spins at all, as a free bonus spin is a free spin at the end of the day. However, you may find that the time it takes to go through the signup process is not actually going to be worth it after all, but at the end of the day, that is your call to be making.

Last Thoughts on No Deposit Bonus Clauses

While we are not trying to suggest to you that you stay away from free slots no deposit, free spins no deposit or anything to that effect, we just recommend that you stay vigilant and read everything you can. If you are ever concerned that you are about to get duped, it is better to reach out to the customer services of the said casino for clarity or to reach out to the UK Gambling Commission directly, who will be able to shed some light on the issue.

Online Casino Bonus Offers vs Brick and Mortar Casino Bonus Offers

One of the main benefits with online casino as opposed to that of the land-based is that there is much more competition online. Think about it - if you live in a city, you may have three, four or five casinos to choose from at best. Online, there are literally thousands at your fingertips, so how do individual casino sites get any new players on board with them?

The answer is, welcome bonus offers. Because of the amount of competition between casino sites, you’re likely to see plenty more of these online than you are in a brick and mortar casino, which is absolutely one advantage of playing online versus in the building.

That is not to say that bonus offers do not exist in the casino of the land. Some of the smaller chains will often try to entice you through their doors with a tasty welcome bonus, so make sure that you keep an eye out for those if you’re looking to gamble in the flesh.

Plus, it is hard not to love the appeal of going to the casino. While slots are still a solo game when you are playing the brick and mortar versions at a land based casino, there is something immensely satisfying about putting actual coins into an old school machine and pulling the lever. Anyway, different strokes for different folks, we suppose.

The Best Slots to Play A No Deposit Bonus

You’re on the right track towards getting the best online casino bonuses for yourself, but which slots are you going to play with them once you get it? Not to worry - we got you covered. Have a look at our favourite slots to play from all time, a mutual consensus across the whole entire team here at deposit casino Wizard Slots. We think these are the best online slots going, and we hope that you feel the same too.

Book of Ra - Novomatic’s iconic temple-themed slot has inspired a whole wave of action-adventure slot games. None of them have ever quite topped the original though, as this slot has some of the best ways to win and maybe the best overall gaming experience going. Despite its age, it’s still amazing and nostalgic to play.

Fluffy Favourites - Eyecon Gaming, hailing from Brisbane, Australia, make the whackiest of slots that you can play. This one is about a sheep who travels all over the place and gets up to all sorts of mischief, but it is not just the theme that is lovable about this slot - there is good cash to be made, too. The bonus rounds and features in Fluffy Favourites are particularly good and include being able to win 10 free spins or more.

Rainbow Riches - The ‘Pick Me’ bonus feature can win you up to 500x your stake, which isn’t the 1000x+ your stake that we have seen with some slot bonus features, but this is just one of several, so overall, there is a lot of money to be won in Rainbow Riches in a lot of different ways. This is just one of three bonus rounds in this game, as you can also win 10 free spins or more here too. Plenty of bonus funds to go around.

Regulations and Rules that Apply on Casino Bonuses

Other than the clauses that we discussed earlier on, there are a few things that you need to know before jumping into an online casino, especially surrounding first deposit bonus offers. Any bonus funds will be subject to conditions, so make sure that you are clued up on those.

Laws Based on Countries

These should really be known to most anyway, but it is always worth re-iterating them to be on the safe side. Gambling under the age of 18, for example, is highly illegal, but this varies from country to country, so if you are planning on gambling in the states, for example, at 20 years old, you are going to want to do your homework to find out what is legal and what is not.

There are some countries where online gambling is illegal altogether, and this is another thing that you should research if you attempting to play online slot games while traveling. Attempting to access an online casino site in countries like these would be an illegal offence and could land you in a spot of bother to say the least, so it is always better to be safe than sorry, as they say.

Authoritative Figures

In UK online casinos, gaming activity is regulated by one main body. The casino UK body is the UK Gambling Commission that boasts that name, so if you are a little sceptical about whether or not a casino site is legitimate, then have a look at the bottom of the home page or the ‘about’ section in order to find out whether that casino has a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

While search engines and web browsers do a reasonably good job of filtering out casino sites that are not regulated in the country that you are trying to play them in, it is not a foolproof method, which is why that we recommend checking out whether a casino boasts a license to operate in a country or not. This license will, of course, vary from country to country as well.

Where to Acquire Online Casino Bonus No Deposit Offers

At this stage in time, deposit casino Wizard Slots does not offer an online casino bonus no deposit. We are asked quite regularly ‘when are you going to get on board with this?’ and of course, it is something that we have considered, but for the time being we are quite happy with the conventional deposit required welcome bonus that we have on offer (Full Ts & Cs Apply).

That is mainly because it is just that good that the initial deposit you need to put down is completely outweighed by the sort of bonus prizes that you can win with a deposit, as here at Wizard Slots, we are not going to wait until the last minute to tell you that you need to put in more money in order to get your winnings or that those winnings are going to expire in a certain number of days.

Wizard Slots Welcome Bonus

When you sign up as a new player with Wizard Slots, you will have access to some amazing slots bonus offers. The first one that you will be presented with is the Mega Reel. To get access to that, simply place a deposit of £10 or more, and you’ll be able to spin for a random bonus prize.

This bonus prize can be to the tune of a cracking 500 free spins to play on Starburst (Full Terms & Conditions Apply). This slot is widely regarded as the best slot game of all time, so if you haven’t played it yet then firstly, you’re missing out, and secondly, now could well be the ultimate chance. This is one of the best casino bonus offers you can get, and while it is not strictly a free bonus, the casino bonus reward you can get from this particular offer is going to be more rewarding than a lot of free bonus offers with no deposit required.

Even if you do not quite manage to get to that top prize then there are other cracking bonus spins to be won on the Mega Reel, for online casino games such as the awesome Fluffy Favourites and Aloha! The bottom prize is a £10 Amazon voucher, and considering that you still get to keep your initial £10 deposit to play on any of the wicked slot games that Wizard Slots has to offer in our top-notch portfolio of online casino games.

Remember, a prize is not guaranteed from the Mega Reel, as there is an option on there for no prize at all. Plus, you will need to conform to the terms and conditions that are set for this bonus, so make sure that you take a look at those before proceeding any further with it. You’re going to want to look at the promotions page of the Wizard Slots website to find out more about that.

So, get playing at deposit casino UK site Wizard Slots today, where there are plenty more non-deposit bonuses waiting for you after you sign up, including birthday bonuses and daily cash. Have a look at the promotions page at Wizard Slots to read all about the other amazing free bonus offers you can get, where you can get paid as bonus cash. See you there! Check out our free slots no deposit and free spins no deposit pages too!