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Online Casino Bonuses Pros and Cons

Casino bonuses are an excellent way for both online casinos and brick and mortar casinos to be able to engage with their players. You can play some online casino when you click the previous link. Bonuses are essentially free gifts from casinos that can come in various different forms, be it free spins or no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are quite rare in casinos due to the fact that they allow you to play free online slots no deposit. This is targeted at those who have never played on an online casino before and are therefore a bit suspicious of depositing their money. With this bonus, you just have to register and give the casino a bit of your time.

The purpose of casino bonuses is two-fold: to attract the attention of potential new players as well as ensuring that current players continue to redeem their promotions. But is it always worth it seeking out casino bonuses and new promotions?

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Pros of Casino Bonuses

  • Multiple Bonuses - A lot of the time, casinos will offer multiple promotions that usually meant that you can claim free spins and extra cash. Subsequently, you will see your bankroll and the amount of money in your account rise. (The only downside is that they tend to be aimed at new players.)
  • Bonus Cash - When making a deposit and using a bonus, it can feel like you essentially have extra money in your account. Games are always more fun when they’re free, right?
  • Free Spins - Who doesn’t love free spins? Well, you can claim them through the bonuses that are offered to you at online casinos. So, it’s a no-brainer if it means that you basically get free spins and therefore free money. You can actually claim a bonus at Wizard Slots that will provide you with free spins.
  • Try New Games - When playing online casino games and especially online slots uk, it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut. We are, of course, referring to getting stuck on one or a few of the same games without trying the others to see if you prefer them. No deposit bonuses allow you to break out of that bubble and experience new games to see what you enjoy.
  • Better For Slots - If you consider yourself to be mainly a slots player then you need to ensure that you claim any bonus that is available to you. Bonuses and promotions in online casinos are essentially tailored to casino play as slots are the most popular form of gameplay. This is especially advantageous to those players that primarily play slots.
  • Come In All Shapes And Sizes - We have already mentioned the bonuses where you get free spins and no deposit free play as a welcome bonus. However, there are more ways that you can claim bonuses. Some casinos offer bonuses that you can claim once you have referred a friend to the site or even monthly bonuses.
  • Plenty To Choose From - Expanding on the previous point, there is a lot of the casino bonuses to choose from so that you can play free online slots no deposit. Therefore, if you see a bonus that is not suited to your style of play, then you can just pick another one.

Cons Of Casino Bonuses

  • Wagering Requirements - You must ensure that you thoroughly read through the wagering requirements of any casino bonus that you are offered. This can take time and may potentially distract from your gameplay or even put you off the bonus. However, it is worth taking the time to read through the requirements in order to avoid blowing your entire bankroll on a flashy advertisement that shows a bonus with unrealistic wagering requirements.
  • Cashout Limits - There tends to be a limit on how much of your winnings that you can cash out at any one time. So, whilst you may have ended up winning a large amount of money, you are only allowed to withdraw a small amount of it at any one time. This especially applies to bonuses where there tends to be a rule that you must spend your winnings at the online casinos that gave you a bonus.
  • Keep An Eye On The Time - Every single casino bonus has an expiry date and this can mean that if you’re not fast, you miss out on claiming it. Therefore, you need to make sure that before you claim your bonus, you have plenty of spare time to wager the bonus and play the game.
  • Specific To A Game - Casino bonuses are normally only allowed to be used in one game, which can be quite annoying to the player when they want to play a certain game. Casino table games are usually excluded from bonuses and promotions because they ruin the point of having wagering requirements. This means that if you want to redeem your bonuses, you tend to get stuck playing slot machines.
  • Max Bets - This is possibly the rule that tends to be skipped over and does not seem to catch the player’s eye. However, it is an important thing to remember and for many can be the worst casino bets experience of all. It restricts the amount that a player can bet on a game. This is intended to prevent players from winning a major bet on a game like roulette with 50/50 odds, where it is more likely.
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Our Verdict

Of course, everyone’s experience of online casino play is different and therefore, the decision as to whether or not you are going to take advantage of the bonuses on offer to them depends on the player. However, with a list that is mainly made up of pros, we feel more comfortable in saying that you should make a deposit today to claim them whilst you can and good luck! If you enjoyed this article, why not check out our Progressive Jackpots Guide.