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The Ultimate Guide To Online Slots - Play Like A Pro!

Of course, all online slots in the UK are completely random and computer generated so there is technically no way to beat them. However, saying this, it’d be foolish to believe that there is no possible way for someone to increase their winnings by cutting their losses. We wanted to let you in on some of the tricks of the trade that can help you make the most of online slots machines. So, sit back relax and get ready to read the best guide to online slots there is.

Online Slots Guide - How A Slot Machine Works

Since the introduction of technology into the gambling industry, online slot machines have really taken off in popularity with games like Mega Moolah being hugely popular around the world. The reason that they have become so popular may be a result of the fact that they are completely random and computer generate, giving everyone a fairer chance of winning. It is important to remember that the online slots do not have a memory of your results and that it does not know whether you have won or lost previously. the only thing that affects the Random Number Generator is the moment that you actually press the button on the game.

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Know Your Slot Limits

With gambling and, essentially, anything else in life, it is important to remain in control of your actions. We are always encouraging individuals to gamble responsibly. Even more so when you are gambling because the negative consequences can be far worse. This is not to say that gambling is inherently evil and you will always lose, but you need to account for the possibility of losing money. Therefore, you need to factor in the amount that you would be willing to lose if this did occur. This is called setting your bankroll and any experienced gambler will advise you to do this as you need to know how much money you can afford to spend  You also need to make sure that you are monitoring your gameplay to prevent yourself from developing an addiction. Gambling can be extremely enticing and people can find themselves with that little voice that says “one more spin”, but this can be very dangerous.

Know Where Not To Play Slots Online

There are many different online casino sites, with some being more trusted than others. There is lots of competition in the online gambling industry. It is important to find a site that is safe and trustworthy with a good customer support system. This way, you know that your money is always in good hands.

Players now value the mobility of online slots games as they are constantly on the move. Therefore, visit different sites to discover which ones are accessible from your phone and therefore can be played wherever you are.

Play Smaller Casino Jackpots

In the short term, any professional gambler will tell you that smaller jackpots will be your best bet at winning in the short term. The smaller a jackpot is, the easier that it is to walk away a winner. These type of slots also ensure that you don’t immediately blow through your bankroll in a few spins. It is not impossible to win a larger jackpot, but it is less likely.

Casino Jackpots Guide

Pay Tables Guide

Paytables are essential in your gameplay before you have even begun to spin the reels. So, one of our top tips for the online slots guide would definitely be to keep an eye on those Pay Tables. On these, you will find all payouts for various combinations as well as the Return To Player percentage. These are helpful to online slot beginners who are slightly unsure of how slots and payouts actually work. So, it’s worth taking a look!

Play Online Slots For Free To Practice

Many sites offer free online slots no deposit games that allow you to sample them, in a way, and thus decide whether that game is for you. It takes a lot of discipline to tell yourself not to bet just once more but it is important that you do not bet until your bankroll is gone otherwise you will lose a lot of money.

Choose The Game For You

Not every online slot game is the same and they all have different variants depending on the theme of the game in terms of bonuses and design. What is important to remember ts the fact that there are hundreds of different slot games, and that’s just on our site! so, if a certain game is boring you or not offering as many bonuses as you would like, simply switch to another game.

You can also choose your slot game depending on the variance of the slot. Low variance slots will pay out every few spins, but the wins will be small whereas high variance slots will award life-changing wins, but payouts occur less often. In the middle, you can also get medium variance slots which are essentially the best of both worlds where you get a decent number of small wins, but it also offers larger wins.

Free Spins And Bonuses

Online slots games are usually extremely generous in terms of bonuses. So use this to your advantage whilst playing online slots games and claim as many bonuses as you can in order to increase your profit. Another helpful thing would be checking your promotions even when you are not playing as it would be a shame to miss out on amazing deals from these sites. Ensure that you also read the terms and conditions of the bonus, no matter how confusing they may be.

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Don’t Gamble Your Winnings

It’s so tempting to just spend whatever you win on your next bet because of the great thrill you get from the winnings. However, there is also no greater disappointment than then losing the money that you just won. Therefore, it is best to stick to the plan that you start gambling with, banking any winnings to ensure that you are making a profit and not losing as much money. Quit whilst you’re ahead and incorporate Responsible Gambling into your gameplay.

Expanding on this, it is also important not to gamble more if you are on a losing streak as you may end up losing a more significant amount of money and thus, end up with financial problems. Some people refer to this as gambling fever, where an individual wants to make up for their loss by betting more.


Whilst these tips may help you increase your winnings by cutting your losses on slot games like Fluffy Favourites, they are not certain ways of guaranteeing a win as slots remain a game of chance. However, no matter the way you play, gambling is meant to be fun and enjoyed responsibly! If you enjoyed this guide, then why not check out The History of Slots.