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Treasure Island is an immersive game show that transports you to a deserted island full of adventures, and the hunt for the hidden treasure is at the forefront of your journey.

The game is played by spinning a large 54-sector vertical money wheel, and it features six exciting Bonus games. The objective of Treasure Island is to predict the segment the wheel is going to stop at.

As you follow the treasure map, you will uncover an ancient mechanism in the shape of a Wheel. Located on the bridge between a mysterious cave and a treacherous jungle path, this artefact holds the key to unlocking the treasures.

After the wheel comes to a stop on a special symbol, one of the captivating Bonus games is initiated, enhancing your chances to win big!

How To Play

There are 54 segments in total on the wheel, and each segment can contain one or more gems, a Bonus feature, or a Bonus game. All bonuses will award you with a combination of gems. The payouts of gems vary across the game rounds.

Place your bets on the bet spots you believe the wheel will stop at. All bet spots in the betting layout correspond to one or more segments on the wheel. The following bet spots are available:

  • Topaz (yellow), Emerald (green), and Ruby (red) gemstones
  • Wild Collector and Great Scavenger Bonus features
  • John Silver’s Loot, Ben’s Lost Marbles, Billy Bones’ Map and Captain Flint’s Treasure Bonus games

In each game round, the bet spots of all three gemstones initially show a range of multipliers they can be assigned with:

  • Topaz – 1x-5x
  • Emerald – 1x-20x
  • Ruby – 3x-50x

Once the bets are placed, and betting is closed, the value of the gem’s multiplier is randomly determined by a mini slot spun in the studio. The assigned multiplier values are then updated automatically on the bet spots. This value will be used to calculate your payouts for regular and Bonus wins.

If the wheel stops at a segment with one or more gemstones, the bets placed on each betspot corresponding to those gemstones will return a prize equal to the number of gems of that type multiplied by the gem multiplier. Additionally, each winning betspot will receive the initial bet back.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are quick Bonus games. Their prize is revealed while the wheel is spinning and is awarded as soon as the wheel has stopped on the particular Bonus feature.

Wild Collector

When the betting is closed, a number of lights around the wheel are lit. The size of the highlighted range varies from game to game.

If the wheel stops at the Wild Collector segment and is covered by your bet, you collect all gemstones within the highlighted area. Only gemstone sectors are eligible to be collected in Wild Collector.

Each collected gemstone pays back your bet multiplied by the corresponding multiplier of the gem. Your initial bet is paid on top once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

Great Scavenger

After the bets are closed, up to 6 lights are lit on each mini slot. Each light that is lit represents a gem of that type and is awarded if the wheel stops on a Great Scavenger segment.

When Great Scavenger is triggered, the reels of the gemstones not already at their maximum value may randomly respin, awarding a higher value for the corresponding gemstone.

If the wheel stops at a Great Scavenger segment and it is covered by your bet, the collected gemstones of each type are summed together, multiplied by your bet and, correspondingly, by the assigned multiplier of the gemstones. Your initial bet is paid on top once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

Bonus Games

John Silver’s Loot

If the wheel stops at John Silver’s Loot segment, the Bonus is triggered. It is played with a tumbling device containing 40 balls:

  • 10 yellow balls and 6 black balls with a yellow gem on them, each ball representing one Topaz.
  • 10 green balls and 3 black balls with a green gem on them, each ball representing one Emerald.
  • 10 red balls and one black ball with a red gem on it, each ball representing one Ruby.

In this Bonus, the slot features three reels, each corresponding to a different gem type and containing multipliers of up to 20x. The multipliers on each reel are multiplied by the value of their associated gemstone. Occasionally, some reels may randomly respin at the beginning of the Bonus, assigning a higher value to their corresponding gemstone for that particular bonus round.

Up to 10 balls are randomly drawn by the tumbling device. Each gem-coloured ball reduces the number of remaining balls to be drawn by 1, while a black ball reduces the number by 5. The counter shows the number and colour of the balls drawn.

Next to the tumbling device, a counter displays the current total prize of John Silver’s Loot bonus, updating with each ball drawn. The ten coloured rings below show a summary of the collected gems and indicate the remaining draws.

If John Silver’s Loot segment is covered by your bet, the collected gemstones of each type are summed together, multiplied by your bet and, correspondingly, by the assigned multiplier of the gemstones. Your initial bet is paid on top once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

Ben’s Lost Marbles

Ben’s Lost Marbles Bonus is played on a pachinko-style device resembling the arcade pinball games. Three dice are rolled to determine how many buckets of marbles will be released.

Each die has three sides marked with the number 1, two sides marked with the number 2 and one side marked with the number 3.

The first six buckets contain 5 marbles, and the last three have 10 marbles.

The device contains nine pockets, five of which are activated randomly in each bonus round. Once the Bonus begins, each of the activated pockets receives a colour of one of the gemstones. Each of the pockets can catch up to 10 marbles, and any marble landing in the particular pocket becomes a gemstone of that colour.

A mini slot within the pachinko device reveals the initial values of the gemstones. Occasionally, some reels may respin and assign a value to the corresponding gemstone of up to 4x the initial value.

The marbles not landing into any of the activated pockets are discarded and do not receive any prize.

If the wheel stopped at the Ben’s Lost Marbles segment, the collected gemstones of each type are summed together, multiplied by your bet and, correspondingly, by the assigned multiplier of the gemstones. Your initial bet is paid on top once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

Billy Bones’ Map

If the wheel stops at the Billy Bones’ Map Bonus, you will see a treasure map hiding a variety of prizes.

The big treasure hidden in the chest is revealed at the beginning of the bonus.

In addition to the gemstone prizes, three keys are hidden in Billy Bones’ map to discover that will allow you to unlock the chest and claim the big win. You have five picks altogether to click/tap on your selected fields in the map. After the time for picking is up, the map will reveal all hidden values and you will receive the corresponding prizes from the fields you selected on the map. If you have not made your decision in time, then an auto-decision is made, and the remaining picks will be made automatically for you.

If you have not found the chest, you will receive one gem for each key you found. Your initial bet is paid on top once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

Captain Flint’s Treasure

If the wheel stops at the Captain Flint’s Treasure Bonus segment, you will be transported to an underground cave full of barrels, distributed in six levels.

To get as much of that treasure as you can, you have to move downwards carefully, level by level, by selecting the safe barrels, as some of the barrels are traps and hide the skull inside: if you find it, your journey downward stops there and your picks below that level will be discarded.

Pick a barrel to move downwards. The green arrows will indicate which barrels you can choose from.

If you have not made your decision in time, an auto-decision is made, and the remaining picks will be made automatically for you.

All collected gems are multiplied by your bet and, accordingly, by the assigned multiplier of that gemstone. Your initial bet is paid on top once per bonus. Your total winnings are displayed in the winning message on your screen.

The Last Winning Combinations

The Last Winning Combinations are displayed at the bottom of your screen with the most recent winning combination on the left side and highlighted.

There can be more than one winning combination in the game. All winning combinations in a game round are displayed in one block.

Click/tap the Statistics button to see more detailed statistics for up to 500 last game rounds.

Bets and Payouts

The payouts depend on the placed bet type.

Sector name Nr of SectorsPayouts

Topaz 21 1-10:1

Emerald 14 1-40:1

Ruby 8 3-100:1

Wild Collector 3 2-900:1

Great Scavenger 4 4-450:1

John Silver’s Loot 2 2-10,000:1

Ben’s Lost Marbles 3 4-10,000:1

Billy Bones’ Map 2 5-16,000:1

Captain Flint’s Treasure 1 10-15,000:1

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical Return to Player (RTP) in Treasure Island is 96.58%.


Topaz 96.52%

Emerald 96.50%

Ruby 96.50%

Wild Collector 96.58%

Great Scavenger 96.53%

John Silver’s Loot 96.57%

Ben’s Lost Marbles 96.51%

Billy Bones’ Map 96.58%

Captain Flint’s Treasure 96.55%

Placing Bets

The Table Name indicates the table you are currently playing at, and the Table Limits show the minimum and maximum bets allowed at the table.

When clicking/tapping this area, the Bet Limits & Payouts window opens, showing the minimum and maximum limits and payout odds for each bet type.

The Game Information Indicator informs you of the game status.

While PLEASE PLACE YOUR BETS is displayed, you may start placing your bets. The indicator shows the remaining time in green, decreasing to the left.

When only 5 seconds of the betting time remain, the status changes to LAST BETS.

Once the betting time is over, BETS CLOSED is displayed, and all betting areas become inactive. The game status will then show BETS ACCEPTED, informing that all your placed bets have been accepted and will participate in the game round.

The Chip Display allows you to select the value of the chips you wish to bet with. Only chip values that can be covered with your current Balance are available.

Click/tap the BET ON ALL button to cover all seven bet types at once. Bets will be placed with your selected chip value.

The Rebet button allows you to repeat the same bets from the previous game round. Once you have clicked/tapped the Rebet button, the Double and Undo buttons are enabled.

The Double button doubles all your placed bets. Every click/tap doubles your bets up to the maximum limit.

The Undo button removes the last bet you placed. This button is available only during the betting time. Once bets are closed, you will not be able to undo or change your bets. Clicking/tapping the Undo button repeatedly removes bets one by one, with the most recent bet removed first.

The Balance indicator shows your available funds and currency. Your balance has to be sufficient to cover all your placed bets.

If your balance is not updated (after placing bets, losing or winning), please refresh your game.

The Cashier button will open the Cashier window for deposits and withdrawals. On mobile devices the Cashier button is available inside the game Menu.

The Total Bet indicator shows the total value of all bets placed in the current game round.

Each game round is identified by a unique Game ID number. The Time indicator shows your current local time.

Please use the game ID number for reference (or take a screenshot of the game number) if there are any questions and you wish to contact Customer Service.


The Autoplay feature enables you to automatically repeat your bets for a selected number of game rounds. To activate the Autoplay feature, place your bets and click/tap the Autoplay button.

The Autoplay window will then open, and from here you can simply select the number of game rounds you would like your bet to be repeated in. Depending on your casino jurisdiction, some additional settings may be available.

After clicking/tapping the Start button, Autoplay will begin. Your selected number of Autoplay rounds will be displayed as an indicator on the Modify Autoplay button. The number of remaining Autoplay rounds will automatically update.

Once Autoplay has started, you may modify your bets by placing additional chips on the layout during the betting time.

To stop the Autoplay feature, open the Autoplay window and click/tap the Stop button.

The Autoplay feature is stopped automatically in the following cases:

  1. The selected number of Autoplay rounds reaches 0. You will be notified with an on-screen message.
  2. Your balance is too low to continue Autoplay.
  3. One or more of the Stop Autoplay triggers occur: balance decreases, balance increases or single win exceeds your selected value applied in settings.

Click/tap the Settings button to open the Settings window allowing you to select your preferences:

  • Video stream on/off
  • Manage video quality
  • Manage game sound effects

Clicking/tapping the Classic View button changes the game view to Classic mode, showing the video inside a small frame.

The game interface may also change automatically to Classic mode if your internet connection is slow or unstable. If this happens, the video will be automatically set to Low video resolution.

Treasure Island Valid Spin Rule

A winning symbol is valid only when the spin is deemed valid. A valid spin is defined as follows:

The wheel must complete at least two complete rotations counted from the segment where the pointer came to rest in the previous game round.

If the spin is defined as invalid, this situation is called a “No Spin”.

Situations where a “No Spin” is declared:

  • The wheel did not complete two revolutions from the moment it was set in motion.
  • The pointer comes to rest on a pin between 2 segments.
  • There is physical interference of any kind with the spin.
  • There is any kind of mechanical malfunction affecting the wheel or its supporting structure.

In the event of a “No Spin“, the game round will be cancelled, and player bets will be refunded.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.