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Nothing spells out relaxing than having a very interesting game to keep you occupied and distracted from the many things you have been doing. If you find a good game you simply have to kick back and enjoy yourself. Nowadays, people are so much into action and car games such that they forget that there is a little mystery in this world of ours. A little mystery and magic will keep you stupefied on the game and it is going to be hard to cast you out of the spell in the magical stupor.

The magic of wizard slots is on an adventurous wheel which will take you deep in to magic land. The more you progress, the more the points you earn though you have to be very careful not to lose points since it is a race and your competitors may decide to cast a spell on you in order to defeat you. This game is going to keep you fascinated throughout until you finally retrieve the magical goblet which is being guarded by a very terrible dragon.

About the games

The main aim of magic wizard slots games is to retrieve the goblet whilst avoiding being sent back to where you began or being stupefied to be immobile for a few rounds. You must bear in mind that this is a race and the first one to retrieve the goblet will be considered the winner therefore you have to be very vigilant in all your steps.

I know many of you are wondering how this game is played but do not worry, I will explain it to you. Once you retrieve the goblet you will be given the title of the wizard and you can decide to go back and put a magic spell on your competitors so that they do not reach the dragon. Your job now will be to protect your kingdom from intruders and you will now become the guardian of the goblet.

Should you fail to protect your kingdom or goblet properly, it will be taken from you by your competitors so it is going to be a battle of which only the strongest will prevail. The game will consist of a wheel which you will be turning every time you turn to play reaches to decide which spell to arm yourself with as you proceed to the goblet. There will be a map which is the whole kingdom. The map is the drawing board where you will be using chips to move about.

Your movements will be determined by dice marked by how many steps you will have to move. It is quite interesting and the outcome is entirely based on your luck and how well you use your magical spells. There will also be a handbook which will be filled by the spells and their meaning. These are the only tools you will require in this magical conquest of wizards and dragons. The setting of the game is on Hogwarts ground from the legendary novel Harry Potter.

How to play the magic of wizard slots

Depending on how many people playing the wizard slots game, you will all start at the same place. You will place your chips at the star point and each of you will take turns in turning the wheel and casting the dice to determine the number of steps to move. You will cast the dice first then turn the wheel so that you can be armed with a spell throughout your journey. The terrain is filled with man holes and ladders which can send you back to where you began or a few steps behind therefore you have to be very careful.

If you happen by chance to land at the same position as you nemesis/competitor, you are allowed to cast a spell on him or you may decide to save for the many dangers in the kingdom. You will have to decide what to do because you may waste the spell on your adversary only to spin the wheel next time you play and you do not get a spell. This will be a tough place for because the evil wizard will stupefy using one of it spell and you do not know what or where it may send you.

The magic of wizard slot is a slot in the spinning wheel which gives the power to move double the number of steps you will cast with your dice without being bothered by anyone or anything. It also gives you the power to use any spell you deem necessary to stupefy your enemies and you competitors.

The thesis of the magic wizard slot game is your decision making instincts and your luck. These two attributes will enable you reach the goblet before the others. You also have to have a powerful spell when you approach the dragon. According to the handbook, there are only three spells which can defeat the dragon and you will have to spin the wheel until you are lucky to get one failure to do so you will remain stationary risking your friends finding you there and casting a spell on you.

You will find out that you can play the wizard slots game for a very long time before the person with the title wizard of the kingdom stupefies all of you from his/her kingdom. It is exciting and fun at the same time.



This magic wizard slots will take you through twists and turns in the kingdom of Hogwarts. You will be confronted by wizards and dragons which you will have to find a way to evade before they cast a spell on you. This game will make magic fun once again. The misconception that magic does not exist or it is evil is misconstrued and this game will make it evident.

You can play it while you are relaxing with your family or your friends. Instead of playing a high adrenaline game, a magical one will be good for a change. It has no age limit the only factor being to understand the rules of the game.