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Experience the chaos and thrill of Starburst, our favourite 5 reel slot adventure. With the opportunity to bet on up to 10 lines at different values the colour and pop of this game will blow you away.

Take a journey into deep space and explore the multitude of symbols, scatters, wilds and bonus games on offer when you play Starburst. It is said that space is the last great frontier of mankind, the great unknown. Only a handful of men have managed to enter Space and even fewer have landed on the moon. Many even question whether the whole thing is a cold war conspiracy but nevertheless, Starburst allows you to climb aboard the space shuttle and engage the booster rockets and travel into deep space from the comfort of your own home.

Starburst is perhaps one of the most classic online slots games and is a favoured game for most gaming platforms. Who knows why it’s gained such momentum but maybe it’s down to the free spin offers that are always attached to the game. We will never know. Nevertheless, Starburst is extremely vibrant and simplistic and offers a perfect entry point for both traditionalists and new slot gamers alike.

Starburst online sots game logo

Starburst is arguably the most popular slots game in the world.  The funky colours and dazzling gems are a winning combination that have proved successful to the appeal of this game.  Starburst is seen as a benchmark in the industry for games developers to aspire to.  There are some great bonus features and significant jackpots.  Although now quite an “old” game in terms of slots, it is one that has aged well and one that you will no doubt come back to time and time again.

Starburst online slots game gameplay

About the Developer

The developer of this game is NetEnt, one of the major industry players.  NetEnt have over the years produced a plethora of top quality entertaining slot games, and Starburst is without doubt one of the best of the lot.  The games tend to be graphically easy to view and extremely playable and appealing. You can read more about NetEnts game here on Wizard slots here.

NetEnt began in the early days of the online slots boom and have since pioneered the market by bringing some innovative slot games to the market. They are perhaps best renowned for their video slots that have been drip fed into the market of late or there intensely animated themed slot games. You certainly know when your dealing with a NetEnt title and that’s visible through both the gameplay and the slot game’s aesthetics. If you’re interested on discovering some more games that NetEnt has to offer then why not have a further look around the Wizard platform via our ‘All Games’ page or take your pick from the list below:

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  • And many, many more.

About the Game

As per most of the original NetEnt games Starburst comes as a 5-reel, 10 pay-line slot.  There is no overriding theme to this game but the mix of colours and shapes certainly does seem to hit the spot!  There is a basic backdrop with a jewel infused foreground.  The combination results in a smooth and enticing playing experience.

In terms of stake quantity there are the usual options to increase or decrease your bet amount, and this ranges from 1p to £100, meaning it caters for all budgets and desired spend amounts.

As mentioned previously the designers of this game have kept things simple to great effect.  There is no specific colour theme and jewels are used on the reel symbols.  The sound effects complement the design and colouring however if you don’t like the sound for whatever reason you can choose to turn this off.

Bonus features are fairly far reaching.  Of course, the Starburst symbol is used as the wild symbol and this will swap in for most of the other symbols to enable you to trigger a wide variety of winning combinations.  In terms of total number of symbols, Starburst actually has fewer than most other slots games but perhaps this will work out in your favour as it increases the chances of them appearing more often!  Furthermore, if you manage to cluster say a square of four symbols then you will also be a winner.  This is a great feature as it allows you to achieve jackpots from a variety of strange shaped lines!

Starburst possesses quite a sultry aesthetic and certainly transports you into the heart of outer space. When you begin to play this game you’ll immediately be greeted by the jewel encrusted gameboard that hovers in the stratosphere. The symbols on the reels are made up of various different gem stones that have fallen from space with some of the traditional symbols like the BAR symbol being present. Starburst is a very simplistic game but what it lacks it complexity it certainly makes up for in quality and winnings. Spin through 5 reels of gameplay and create gemstone combinations to amass paylines and ultimately those free spins and cash rewards.

Starburst Online Slot Game


Over the years Starburst has proven its longevity.  It is as popular now as it has ever been.  Part of the appeal is the unusual format of the winning lines.  We would definitely advocate Starburst whether you are new to playing slots or whether you have extensive slots experience.  You will always be drawn back to Starburst!

Starburst has always been one of the leading games in the industry and has acted as a guidepost within the community for both quality and a mark of NetEnt’s established work. Although many games have adapted, and developers are increasingly finding new ways to create more immersive slot experiences, Starburst still stands the test of time mostly because of its simplicity but also because of the great bonus games that come attached to it. Don’t look past NetEnt’s main game when you’re about to board the space craft for your online slots mission.

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