Candy Glyph

Candy Glyph

The Candy Glyph slot is a colourful and entertaining game, featuring a variety of sweet treats as symbols. Players can potentially enjoy cascading reels, bonus features, and engaging gameplay. With vibrant graphics and cheerful music, this slot offers a delightful gaming experience for those with a sweet tooth.

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About Candy Glyph

Candy Glyph is a 7X7, 20 base bet cluster-pay video slot featuring Tumble Mechanics and a POWER WILD which triggers POWER-UP features: BONBON BOMB, LOLLIPOP ROCKET, BOUNCY BEAN.

There is a Free Spins Bonus featuring the PINATA GLYPH WILD multiplier symbol.

The theoretical payout is 96.19%.

Special symbols

WILD Symbol

WILD substitutes for all normal symbols in win evaluation.

WILD is evaluated separately in each involved symbol cluster.

WILD does not pay by itself.

WILD is removed before tumbling if it is involved in one or more symbol clusters.


POWER WILD symbol acts as WILD in win evaluation and removal.


PINATA GLYPH WILD symbol substitutes as a WILD during win evaluation.

The winnings of the symbol clusters that PINATA GLYPH WILD substitutes in are multiplied by the indicated multiplier.

The multiplier starts at 1. The multiplier increases by 1 per tumble if PINATA GLYPH WILD is involved in 1 or more winning cluster.

PINATA GLYPH WILD is not removed after the win evaluation.

PINATA GLYPH WILD does not tumble.

PINATA GLYPH WILD moves to a new random location with every free spin.

Game Features

Tumble Mechanics

TUMBLE MECHANICS are available in both the base game and Free Spins Bonus.

Any symbols that are part of a winning cluster are removed.

The empty positions will be filled with symbols falling from above.

Any new wins will be added to the existing win.

Tumbling ends when there are no new winning clusters.

Power Wild

POWER WILD is available in both the Base Game and the Free Spins Bonus.

After the removal of winning symbol clusters and prior to tumbling, a POWER WILD is awarded in one of the empty spaces.

At most, one POWER WILD is awarded for each tumble.

POWER WILD is evaluated and removed as a WILD.

For each POWER WILD removed, an additional POWER-UP is activated.

If the Free Spins Bonus Power-up is activated, all unused POWER WILDS are turned into WILD. No additional POWER WILDS will be awarded during the remaining tumbles of that spin.

Power-up Feature

At the beginning of each spin, 5 POWER-UPs are randomly determined, with the final POWER-UP always being FREE SPINS BONUS POWER-UP.

Each of the first 4 POWER-UPs is chosen randomly from among BONBON BOMB, LOLLIPOP ROCKET, and BOUNCY BEAN.

POWER-UPs are activated for each POWER WILD consumed as part of a win.

When there is a non-winning screen, activated POWER-UPs are awarded in the order they were activated.

Awarded POWER-UP will be consumed.

Bonbon Bomb

The BONBON BOMB lands and removes all high and low win symbols in its Row and Column.

Each removed symbol awards 1/20 of the current bet.

Lollipop Rocket

The LOLLIPOP ROCKET POWER-UP removes a randomly chosen low symbol type.

Each removed symbol awards 1/20 of the current bet.

Bouncy Bean

The BOUNCY BEAN POWER-UP spawns 4 - 10 randomly placed WILDS.

Free Spins Bonus

9 free spins are awarded if the FREE SPINS BONUS is activated in the base game.

3 additional free spins are awarded for each activation in the Free Spins Bonus.

During the first free spin, the PINATA GLYPH WILD is placed in a random location.

The awarded PINATA GLYPH WILD, and the indicated multiplier will carry over to the next free spin until the end of the Free Spins Bonus.

On each free spin, the PINATA GLYPH WILD moves randomly to a new location.

How to Play

Video slots are very easy to play. Just follow the 3 steps:

  1. Choose your total bet
  2. Press the SPIN symbol button
  3. Check for any win in the WIN field

For more understanding of Settings, Game Rules, and Game Features read the text below.

Description Of Game Functionality


The Total bet is shown in the TOTAL BET display. Change the bet by clicking on the display and choosing the total bet of your choice.


The game is started by pressing the SPIN symbol button.

While the reels are spinning, you can quick stop the game by pressing the screen (where available).


Any total win in a game round will be displayed in the WIN field.

Symbol pays are displayed in the paytable and reflect the current bet configuration.

Cluster-pay wins pay with adjacently connected symbol clusters.

Only the highest win per symbol cluster is paid.

In Free Spins, only the total win for each spin is shown in the WIN field, while the accumulating win for all Free Spins is shown in the TOTAL WIN field.


All winning combinations in the game can be viewed in the paytable, which can be reached through the 'i' button in the keypad menu.

Autoplay (where available)

Using Autoplay will let you play a number of game rounds automatically.

Press AUTOPLAY and choose a number of game rounds to initiate Autoplay.

The remaining number of spins is displayed while Autoplay is active.

Autoplay is stopped by pressing the STOP button.

Advanced Autoplay Settings (where available)

The Advanced Autoplay settings allow the player to set the number of plays, total session loss limit, and single win limit.

Autoplay will stop when any of the selected limits are exceeded.

Fast Play (where available)

The Fast Play functionality is used to get the shortest game round possible.

Fast Play is initiated from the button in the keypad.

Desktop Version Settings (where available)

In the settings panel at the lower left of the game, you can choose:

Sound: This setting allows you to choose if the game should play sounds and music.

Use SPACE for spin: This setting allows you to use your Space Bar on your keyboard to initiate game rounds.

Show Splash Screen on start up: This setting allows you to switch the games Splash Screen on and off.

Mobile Version Settings

Player Controls

HOME symbol redirects back to the mobile game lobby.

GAME CONTROLS are reached by tapping the GAME CONTROLS icon.

Game Controls

Access GAME CONTROLS to change the TOTAL BET size and access the AUTOPLAY settings.

On the side panel, access CLIENT SETTINGS by tapping the SETTINGS ICON.

In SETTINGS, SOUND selection allows you to choose if the game should play sounds and music.

In SETTINGS, REPLAY will take you to gameplay history.

The PAYTABLE icon accesses the game PAYTABLE.

The '?' Symbol opens GAME RULES.


Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Incomplete games will be automatically resolved after 2 days. Any winnings resulting from automatic resolve shall be paid to player's account.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.