Devil's Crossroad

Devil's Crossroad

The Devil's Crossroad slot is a thrilling game set at a haunting crossroads. It features eerie symbols, engaging sound effects, and a captivating storyline. Players are immersed in a world of mystery and suspense as they spin the reels, aiming for exciting bonuses and rewards.

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Reel Area

The game area is divided into four cross sections, each containing four symbols connected in the centre by a Devil Wild.

Winning combinations are removed, and remaining symbols fall towards the center. A new symbol falls in to fill the empty spaces.

Cross Wilds

Any paying symbol next to the centre position may randomly become a Wild symbol.

Cross Multiplier

When a win occurs, then the same kind of symbol will be removed from the other cross sections if they are not a part of a win.

Each symbol removed this way increases its cross-section multiplier by 1.

Wins are multiplied by their respective cross-section multiplier.


Scatter symbols may appear in the centre row/column of their cross-section.

When a Scatter symbol appears next to the centre position, the remaining symbols in it’s cross-section become inactive, and symbols of the same type are removed from the other cross sections. Removed symbols can no longer appear for the remaining drops.

Each symbol removed this way increases its cross-section multiplier by 1.

Redemption Spins

Landing 4 Scatter symbols will activate Redemption Spins. The feature starts with 3 spins and will reset to 3 spins every time a coin lands in the reel area. All coin values are valued as times the active bet.

When a column is entirely filled with coins, a feature will be awarded for that column on each following spin. The feature affects coins on the column it is on. Below are the features that can be triggered:


Add its value to all coins' value.


Multiplies the value of a randomly selected coin on its row/column.


Progresses a step towards upgrading Redemption Spins.


It selects a random coin from its row/column, which collects all the coin values from its column/row respectively.


Turns a randomly selected coin's value into a copy of the highest current coin value in the entire reel area.


It selects a random coin from its row/column and adds it's value to all other coins on its column/row, respectively.

Redemption Spins can be upgraded either by collecting 4 levels in the upgrade bar or when all 4 Scatter lands next to centre position in the main game. The upgrade bar collects 1 level either for each Lust feature triggered or for each Scatter landing next to the centre position in the main game. Upgraded Redemption Spins trigger a feature for its row in addition to the column.

The devil coin is a special coin that can land during Redemption Spins and unlocks the feature of its column. If Redemption Spins is upgraded, then it also triggers a feature for its row.

Debt To Be Paid

The max payout of the game is 13180 times the base bet.

When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end, and 13180 times the base bet is awarded.

Crosslink Wins

  • Crosslink Wins: The payout value is equivalent to the length of the number of symbols won from each side individually, starting from the centre. Only the highest win per Crosslink Win is paid.

Game rules

Devil's Crossroad is a video slot with the following feature(s):

  • A 4 cross-section video slot with 12 symbols.
  • The theoretical return to the player for this game is 92.08%.
  • The theoretical return to the player for Redemption Spins feature buy is 92.07%.
  • The theoretical return to the player for Upgraded Redemption Spins feature buy is 92.06%.
  • The theoretical return to the player for Lucky Draw feature buy is 92.02%.
  • A Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol except Scatter.
  • Winning combinations and pay are made according to the pay table.
  • Coinciding wins on multiple combinations are paid out.
  • Different reel configurations are used depending on the game mode (main game or any of the bonus modes).
  • Simulated maximum payout is 13180 times the bet (1:7485029 rounds).
  • Features and spin results affect each other within a game round.
  • All symbol payout values in the pay table are displayed in the same currency as the bet placed.
  • A malfunction voids all pays.
  • Malfunction in gaming hardware/software; all affected bets are refunded.
  • Game rounds not finished within 7 days will automatically be closed. Any accumulated wins during that game round will be paid out. These rounds cannot be replayed.
  • Game rounds with a win that can be gambled with, that is not finished within 24 hours will automatically be closed. Any accumulated wins during that game round will be paid out.
  • Autoplay automatically plays the game for a selected number of rounds or when any of the advanced autoplay setting criteria are fulfilled.
  • When changing autoplay settings during a game round, all settings will take effect upon completion of the game round or feature.
  • Some autoplay features may be mandatory for some jurisdictions.
  • When playing with Cryptocurrency, unfinished game rounds and states will automatically reset after 24 hours. Any accumulated wins during this round will be paid out.

User interface guide


set up the game to play automatically - play a number of rounds of your choice. Use advanced settings for your personal stop criteria to end autoplay when:

  • a single win exceeds a value of your choice
  • before the balance is lower than 0%, 50% or 75%
  • when the balance is higher than 150%, 200% or 500%


  • Displays your available bet balance in your currency

Show Game Menu

  • Click to open game history. You will be able to browse through your rounds by date and time played

Search Results

  • Displays date and number of currently viewed rounds

Total Bet

  • Displays total cost of currently displayed rounds

Total Win

  • Displays total win of currently displayed rounds


  • Displays difference in total bet and total win of currently displayed rounds


  • Sort list by time


  • Sort list by win

If you press the replay button, you will be able to replay that specific round

Load more

  • Load the next 100 rounds

Change your game settings


  • Toggle music on/off

Sound effects

  • Toggle sounds on/off

Show clock

  • Show/hide the current time (default: on)

Use spacebar to spin

Turn on/off use of space bar to spin

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.