Diamond Digger

Diamond Digger

The Diamond Digger slot is a colourful and exciting online game by G.Games. Set in a mining theme, players join the miners in their quest for precious stones. With high-quality graphics and bonuses, this cascading slot offers a thrilling gaming experience. Look out for special symbols, explosive dynamite symbols, and a cascading multiplier that can lead to big wins. Get ready to dig for treasure and uncover exciting rewards in this six-reel cluster game.

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Full Game Rules

Every go, any combination of 3+ matching symbols touching horizontally or vertically will result in a winning combination.

After the payout is made, all winning combination symbols will explode, allowing the symbols above them to cascade in.

Unlimited Cascading Multiplier

A win multiplier is applied to and increases with every cascade. Wins can be very high and are limited to the maximum payout of 5,000x stake. Any wins in excess of this amount will instead be limited to this maximum payout. It is possible that the operator has configured a win cap which differs from the 5000x win cap. If this is the case, it will not be possible to reach the 5000x win cap. Please contact the operator for further information.

Bonus Game

Matching a combination of bonus symbols will take a player to a bonus round. A player gets to make between 2-5 picks, based on how many symbols they activated the bonus game with, shown in the table below. Each pick will reveal a cash value. The player wins the total accumulated value from their picks.

Larger multipliers are available when the player enters the bonus game via a higher number of bonus symbols. Entering the bonus game with an active win multiplier will also increase all bonus values by the multiplier amount.

Dynamite Symbol

A matching combination of dynamites will cause a large explosion on the grid. Any symbols touching the dynamite symbol adjacently will be destroyed.

Free Goes Symbol & Free Goes

During FREE GOES, every win will increase the cascading multiplier by 1. This cascading multiplier will continue to build with every win and will not reset until the end of the FREE GOES session.

Return To Player

The overall theoretical return to player is 92.75%.


Autoplay plays the game automatically for the number of game rounds selected in the AUTO PLAY menu. Selecting Turbo will enable fast play. However, please note that Autoplay and Turbo are not available in some jurisdictions.

To use autoplay, simply select the number of auto-plays you desire by selecting number. Then choose a total loss limit and then press the button to CONFIRM and start games. You may also choose to stop the autoplay if your single win exceeds a particular amount. You may also choose to stop the autoplay when a feature is won.

How To Play

  • Select your bet amount
  • Press the Play button to start game
  • Press the Play Options button to customise your play experience
  • Press the bet control buttons to increase or decrease your bet. Once you have reached the min/max bet, the corresponding button will be disabled.
  • Press the Menu button to access game settings
  • Press the return button to return to main game

Game Settings

  • Game Sounds - Turn the sounds on or off.
  • Pay Table - Find out how much each symbol pays out, explanations of the game features, and information on the paylines.
  • Game Rules - Opens the rules of the game.

Gaming System Malfunction

The Operator reserves the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if a Player manipulates the games in a fraudulent manner or the Gaming System itself malfunctions.

The definition of such a malfunction extends to an error in the published odds or pay tables, or a game not working in accordance with its published rules.

Interrupted Games

If an interrupted game is not completed within 1 day(s), it shall end. Any accumulated winnings that are linked to the interrupted game will be awarded.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.