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Created by G. Games, Epic Gems is an entertaining retro-themed casino game that offers a max potential jackpot prize worth up to 2,500x your wager!

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Epic Gems Slot Game Overview

This casino game revolves around the world of dazzling gems. It is played on a 5x8 transparent grid with a celestial backdrop of stars and galaxies. A suspense-filled soundtrack accompanies gameplay.

Unlike other slots, Epic Gems does not have any paylines. Instead, the grid will present 40 gems of different colours, and you can pick or swipe any of them to start playing.

Among all 40 gems, only 36 are good. The remaining 4 are disguised mines, waiting to destroy your game and take any potential prizes. As long as you keep selecting good gems, your prize amount can continue to increase. 

The possible payout amount can increase with every successful gem you pick. You can decide to either cash out any wins, at any time. However, if you pick a bad gem, the mine explodes, and you lose all potential winnings.   

Stakes in Epic Gems range from £0.25 up to £25. 

You can play Epic Gems here at Wizard Slots casino, the best online casino in the UK!

How To Play Epic Gems

  • Visit Wizard Slots casino and sign in.
  • Search for and launch Epic Gems from the lobby.
  • Adjust your preferred stake size.
  • Click on the Play button.
  • Pick your gems to start playing!

Epic Gems RTP

Return To Player (RTP): 96.5%

The RTP is a theoretical value and is shown as a percentage. It’s used to describe the percentage of money wagered a particular casino game may pay back to players over a certain period of time.

For example, if a game had a RTP of 92%, in theory, this would mean that for every £100 wagered, the game could return £92 back to players in potential winnings. However, it is important to note that winnings are completely random, and players are not guaranteed to receive this.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.