Maverick X

Maverick X

The Maverick X slot game is an action-packed adventure with thrilling features and dynamic gameplay. Join the courageous Maverick X as you spin the reels and uncover exciting bonuses. Immerse yourself in a wild west setting and experience the excitement of this captivating slot game.

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Maverick X is a next-level iGaming multiplayer experience. You can win in seconds!

Maverick X is built on a provably fair system, which is a guarantee of honesty.

The average RTP is 93%. For example, based on a strategy of always cashing out at x2.00 the average RTP would be 93%.

How to Play

Maverick X is easy to play! Simply set your bet before take off, watch as the Plane takes off and your potential winnings soar, then Cashout before the Plane flies away to win.

If you did not Cashout before the Plane flies away, your bet will be lost.

To avoid any potential latency issues, if you want to Cashout at a certain Multiplier, make sure to utilise the Auto Cashout option.

Game Details

The win Multiplier starts at 1.01x and grows more and more as the Plane rises into the sky.

However, it is possible for the Plane to fly away at 1.00x.

Your winnings are calculated by the Multiplier at which you made the Cashout, multiplied by your bet.

Before the start of each round, our provably fair random number generator generates the Multiplier at which the Plane will fly away. You can check the honesty of this generation by clicking on the provably fair menu item.

Bets & Cashout

Select an amount and press the 'Bet' button to make a bet.

Before the round starts, you can tick the Auto Cashout button to define a desired Multiplier that you will Automatically Cashout at. (Except in the case of disconnect.)

Press the 'Cashout' button before the Plane flies away to avoid losing your bet. When you Cashout, your win will be your bet multiplied by the Cashout Multiplier.

Live Bets & Statistics

Located on the left side of the game interface (or under the Bet Panel on mobile) is the Live Bets panel. Here you can view all of the below:

The ‘All Bets’ panel shows all the bets currently set for the round.

In the 'My Bets' panel, you can see all of your bets and Cashout information.

Game statistics are located in the 'Top' panel, where you can browse the following over the timeframes of the Day, Week, and Month.

'Biggest Wins' to see the highest wins by the amount won.

'Huge Wins' to see the highest wins by Multiplier.

'Multipliers' to see the highest overall round Multipliers.


The Multiplier for each round is generated by a 'Provably Fair' algorithm. It is completely transparent and 100% fair.

You can check and modify the Provably Fair settings from the Game menu > Provably Fair settings.

Additional Information

The Maximum payout for the game is 250000x stake.

Wins are capped at £900,000.00

If a Multiplier returns a win greater than 2 decimal points, the payout will be rounded down to the nearest 2 decimal figures.

If the game is interrupted before the round begins, the bet will be cancelled.

If the internet connection is interrupted when the bet is active, the game will Auto-Cash out with the current Multiplier, and the winning amount will be added to your balance. A dropped connection may take up to 2 seconds to register. If the game crashes out in this window, it may be settled as a loss. Due to the reactive nature of this game, we advise playing Maverick on a stable internet connection.

For more information on the procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds, refer to the gaming website.

For more information on the time after which inactive game sessions automatically end, refer to the gaming website.

In the event of a malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void, and all affected bets are refunded.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.