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Millionaire Rush is a MegaClusters slot from Big Time Gaming with a default 5x5 grid layout.

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Millionaire Rush Slot Game Overview

Millionaire Rush is based on the popular Who Wants To Be A Millionaire TV game show. 

However, the slot's popularity is more likely due to its many exciting features mixed with the MegaClusters mechanic. For instance, it offers reaction wins that could expand the grid to a 10x10 layout as winning symbols split into 4 smaller symbols. 

Also, the Megatrail feature ladder comes with a load of lucrative modifiers, and not to mention the enormous potential payout of up to 55,060x your stake!

Stakes range from £0.20 up to £3 per spin at casino slots site Wizard Slots. So join or log in to play this exciting, feature-packed game!

How To Play

One admirable quality of this slot is the coordination of the many features in a simple and intuitive interface. As a result, you will have a lot to explore without getting overwhelmed.

When you load the game, you will first get a prompt asking if you want to play on a full screen or not before it opens up to a sleek platform. The playing grid stands on the platform, and the control buttons lie to the right of it.

The first thing to do is to set your preferred bet amount via the left and right arrow buttons under 'Stake'. After which, you can click the menu represented by the three-line button to check the paytable and game rules. Note that you can mute the sound in the options section of this menu.

Once you are satisfied, you can hit the shiny green play button to begin playing!


To get a winning cluster, you need at least 5 matching symbols to land in adjacent positions horizontally or vertically to each other.

The winning symbols on this slot include different sizes and shapes of jewels. 

The light blue and yellow gems are worth 30x your stake for a cluster of up to 25 matching symbols. Meanwhile, the orange, green, dark blue, red, and purple gems can earn you up to 50x your bet if you land a cluster with 25+ matching symbols.

You may also land wilds anywhere on the grids, and they can substitute for all other symbols to potentially help form a winning cluster.

The Reaction Mechanics 

This feature activates after every win. Winning symbols are replaced with 4 smaller random symbols. If the small symbols create another winning cluster, they disappear, and the symbols above drop to take their place. 

The exciting part of this feature is that the grid can accommodate up to 100 symbols and the reactions continue for as long as you keep landing consecutive wins.

Megatrail Feature

At the left of the playing grid is the Megatrail with 12 sections. 

The highest rung awards an instant cash prize of up to 1,000x your bet. Meanwhile, the first rung is empty and climbing up to the seventh rung will trigger the Free Spins round. 

The Reaction Mechanics determines your progress in the Megatrail. Every reaction you trigger will move you up by one rung. At least 3 modifiers will be randomly placed on the trail on every spin. However, the contents of most of the rungs will vary with each spin. 

The following are the different modifiers available in the Megatrail. 

  • Wilds: These add a random number of wilds between 1 and 10 in different positions on the grid.
  • Multiplier Wilds: These cause wilds carrying a multiplier of up to ×5 to appear on the playing grid randomly.
  • Symbol Upgrade: It displays a random symbol, and all such symbols on the reels will immediately upgrade.
  • Symbol To Wild: It also comes with a specific symbol and causes all symbols of that type to transform into wilds.
  • Symbol Explosions: All instances of the displayed symbol will remove all symbols in its row or column from the playing grid. 
  • Symbol Sub-divide: Every large instance of the displayed symbol will break into four smaller clones.
  • Symbol Duplication: It causes 5 big clones of the displayed symbol to appear on the playing grid.
  • Mega Wild: This will earn you a new grid of 4 wilds; if Free Spins are active, you get 2 grids.
  • Explosions: You get up to 3 blasts which will remove symbols from the grid in the displayed pattern.
  • Max Megaclusters: This will allow all big symbols to be replaced with four smaller versions. 
  • 50:50: Half of the symbols on the grid will disappear. It could be the top half, bottom half, left half, or right half.
  • Win Multiplier: It adds a multiplier with a value of up to x11 for the whole spin, but it doesn't apply to the bonus prize.

Free Spins Bonus Round 

You'll get 6 Free Spins if you can trigger the bonus round by getting to the 7th rung on the Megatrail. And what's more, this round grants you the enhanced version of the Megatrail feature. 

For one, the top prize displayed by the highest rung increases to 2,000x your stake. Then, there is the increase of your random modifiers to 6 instead of 3. Finally, you get an additional 3 Free Spins if you can get to the 7th rung again.

Millionaire Rush RTP

Return To Player (RTP): 96.44%

The RTP is a theoretical value and is shown as a percentage. It’s used to describe the percentage of money wagered a particular casino game may pay back to players over a certain period of time.

For example, if a game had a RTP of 92%, in theory, this would mean that for every £100 wagered, the game could return £92 back to players in potential winnings. However, it is important to note that winnings are completely random, and players are not guaranteed to receive this.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.