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Shamans Dream

Travel west to encounter the Native Americans in their quest for the sacred buffalo. Experience the magical thrill of the dream catcher symbol and the emotive, detailed graphics. Overcome encounters with rabid wolves to cash in with this 5 reel, 25 payline.  It's all here on Wizard.

The layout of the reels gives you that real historic feel as they are made solely by human’s bare hands who have scavenged to locate wood and feathers to create weapons and appearance items. The background has that Native American feel, a view of a gloomy wild forest with harrowing trees and mountains from left to right. With a glistening sun set that’s blossoms down onto you. This fascinating journey will require you to think big for well working strategies, to give you the ability to win some serious cash prizes for taking part in this adventurous mission. Whereby the key is discovery.

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This game brings you a taste of Native America and a bit of Shamanism to boot!  Via this Eyecon game you can become at one with the natural world and closer to the inner you!  Use the shamanistic techniques to heal your wounds and cleanse your spirit while being taken on an action packed adventure with this slot game.

A game whereby there is no such thing as sympathy…this is Native America! You must fight for your own right to success, taking no prisoners along the way. Select your favoured techniques wisely as heading into the mystical unknown of Native America comes with a cold-blooded atmosphere that only the most willing and determined punters will have the chance of conquering. Be brave and spin with no fear, believing that anything is possible as you rub shoulders with the historical and magical Shaman’s themselves as you continue to dream alongside them for the very rewards that brought you into battle.

About the Developer

Eyecon has been around for a number of years and has found a bit of a niche at the “softer” end of the slots market.  By that we mean their games tend to be fun and sometimes a bit gimmicky or cartoony.  This game is one of Eyecon’s most popular games, probably due to the graphical display, the spiritual theme, and the tasty bonuses on offer.  All of Eyecon's games are available at WizardSlots.

Eyecon inevitably have become an icon in the art of iGaming, with their development of games that have real purpose and meaning as well as the gimmicky and cartoon ones. Eyecon have produced games that have proven their highly qualified and creative team are true professionals in the sense that they continue to plan and develop games with great variety that we all just love so much. Shamans Dream is without doubt another one of these kinds of games my friends. A game created by a group of developers who just simply can’t resist putting content out there knowing that all you players are waiting for it.

About the Game

The Shaman brings you a 3 row, 5 reel slot generating a total of 25 varying pay lines.   As usual you just need to select your stake per line and the quantity of lines you’d like to bet.  Then it’s spin spin spin!

You can bet a minimum of £0.25 up to a maximum of £50 so the game does really cater for most budgets.  £50 per spin will rack up quick though so always make sure you gamble responsibly.

The graphics and pictures used within the game are very pleasant on the eye.  The background is the open prairie and the symbols all represent a bit of native American culture.  Look out for wolves, tomahawks and eagles, and of course, the Shaman himself!  Land him 5 times on your payline and get ready to win x950 on your original bet!

You must Remember to find the lucky shaman and the dreamcatcher, it requires great dedication to play well and ultimately become successful at this this wonderful game. So, patience is key and for your good patience you shall be rewarded with the truly magical experience that this game offers. A Native American themed game such as this one is a great in terms of it allows you to travel back in time and learn to explore a new scene. A unique feel in the way that a lot popular games can be more modern themed with a jokey type setting whereas Shamans dream really has a historic reality feel to it.

Shamans Dream online slots game gameplay

As usual, Shaman’s Dream contains a scatter symbol and a wild symbol.  The scatter being a dreamcatcher and the wild being a white wolf, very similar to the ones you might have seen on Game of Thrones.  If a wolf is included in your win then the payout amount will be multiplied by two!  Similarly, the dreamcatcher scatter can also be very lucrative in this game.  They are not linked to paylines so whenever two or more come up you can win.  Five scatters will give you a x45 multiple to your win!

The dreamcatcher will also trigger the bonus rounds.  Three scatters generates you 15 free spins and your wins from these games will also be 3 times bigger.  Landing more scatters will also re-trigger the bonusing, potentially producing a circular effect of continued free spins!

If you like a bit of thrill and danger you can also make use of the “gamble” feature.  This means that after you win you have the chance of doubling it up.  It’s basically a 50-50 guess but if you get it right your winnings can inflate pretty quickly! 


Shaman's Dream gameplay


The theme may not appeal to everyone’s tastes but the concept and the graphics certainly make for an interesting game.  Coupling that with good gameplay and nice bonus features we can see why this game has become so popular.  The multipliers and the gamble feature mean you can quickly spin up some big win amounts if your luck is in. 

The fact that it is one of the more popular games is a great indicator to anyone who hasn’t played this game of what to expect. A game that is very successful at accommodating players entertainment wise as well as winning wise. An adventurous game that those who have a passion for and enjoy historical-like events will particularly become fond of. The game gives you a nice break away from all the modern themed games that perhaps sometimes can get a bit repetitive and leaving you bored with something new to look for. Well dear sir/madam you have found it right here. This is one of most popular games.