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European Roulette

The tables of Monte Carlo are beckoning you over to come take a seat at one of the hottest roulette tables in town right here at our online casino site. European Roulette is a classic variation of the traditional table game, Roulette, we all know the score, place your bets on red or black, odd or even, or a number of your choice, and if ball lands on your stake, then you win your money. Spin today to explore the possibilities.

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About the Developer

With game developers Online Table Games what you see is what you get. Popular with it’s long list
of Vegas themed table games, most known for it’s version of Blackjack and various roulette
themed games. If you enjoy table based games then why not go for a company that has it in it’s
name. We’re sure they know what they're doing, and to read more have a look at some of our promotions.

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About the Game

Roulette has been around since the 18th century which is quite a long time when you think about it.
Created in France, roulette is your classic casino game that still holds such a relevant place in
many casinos worldwide. There are so many options at winning on the roulette wheel that it drives
many people crazy. Some win big and some lose it all. With Online Table Games’ European
Roulette you don't have to worry about the latter; you're always a winner.

While many versions brag about their immersive nature, a lot of the time they are marketing ploys
used to lure players in to a game that simply has roulette in the name. You can describe this game
however with one word: class. This game is very beautiful to look at, borrowing a lot of its design
from real in house casinos that have gained notoriety across the globe. If you want the full casino
experience then look no further at this online table game. Also the European in the name of this
game is in there for a reason, it was originated in Europe and this game is a call back to the days
of old trust us.

Unlike the American version, European Roulette is played using a very specific wheel, containing
37 pockets. Each pockets is numbered 1-36, with one additional pocket that has the number 0
stated quite clearly on the face of it. With each spin comes a layer of anticipation, just where will
the ball land? The aim of the game is to predict which number the ball will land in, but you should
know that already if you know anything about roulette. Players have quite the list of choices when it
comes to placing ones bets. You don't have to vote on just one number or even colour. You could
place chips on as many numbers as they like, thus increasing the chances at victory but lowering
the chances at turning out a profit.

In European Roulette there are two different ways to play depending on your preference of wager.
Inside bets cover only one or just a few numbers, and appear on the inside part of the layout seen
(exactly like in a real life game of roulette). Then on the other hand you have the outside bets.
These offer less pay-outs but more chances at lower pay-outs.

The Verdict

Anyone who knows anything about the art of roulette spins are sure to recognise excellence when
they see it. European Roulette is simply that: excellence for the finer online gamer out there. It’s
realistic take on a Vegas classic is a welcome change. With so many poor imitations out there it’s
so great to see it done right. 8/10

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