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3 Card Brag Hands Order - Best & Worst Hands Ranked

3 Card Brag Hand

Three Card Brag is a casino card game where you have to score the best ranked hand to win. If you are unfamiliar with 3 Card Brag hands, then you’re in luck. In this Wizard Slots blog post, we’ll go through each 3 Card Brag Hand and will rank them from best to worst.

Three Card Brag Hand Rankings 

The aim of Three Card Brag is to try and get the highest ranking three card hand. As well as knowing the rules of the game, knowing the 3 Card Brag hands can be just as important. There are some hands that are better than others. Let’s go through the Three Card Brag hand rankings, starting with the best hand and finishing with the worst hand.


Prial is the top-ranked Three Card Brag hand. Prial is short for “pair royal” and getting this hand requires obtaining 3 cards of equal rank. For example, 333, AAA, KKK, 222.

Running Flush 

A running flush is where all the cards run the same suit. The highest running flush is A, 2, 3, and the lowest is 2, 3, 4.


A run is 3 cards that are in value order. An example of this is K, Q, and J.


Ranking slightly lower is the flush. A flush is 3 cards that have the same suit.


A pair is where you have two matching cards in your hand. For example K, K, J or K, K, A.

High Card 

The worst ranked hand is the high card. A high card is a card ranking that doesn’t use any of the above combinations. This hand relies on a high card, for example, 5, 10, K.

What Is The Best Hand In 3 Card Brag? 

The best hand in 3 Card Brag is called the Prial. A Prial is the best 3-card hand you can achieve when playing this casino game. The top prial combination you can get is 3, 3, 3. The next best prial is A, A, A.