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Best Online Instant Win Games With Good Odds For Real Money

Instant win games are popular among gamblers who prefer to take a chance on the lottery rather than slots or table games. Their most appealing characteristic is the fact that you receive your results immediately.

Like most online casino games, instant win games are vast and diverse, so choosing the best one can be a challenging task. 

If needing help telling which instant win game is the best sounds like something you often deal with, continue reading as we will review some of the best online instant win games with good odds for real money.

Or if you'd like to dive straight in & play instant win games online, you can find some of our player favourites below:

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What Are Instant Win Games? 

Instant win games are lottery games, but instead of sitting through days or weeks waiting for the results of your tickets, you receive them immediately after a play.

Much like slot games, online instant win games have a variety of themes, features and minimum and maximum bets. However, their play mechanics are much simpler than slot games. For example, instead of spinning reels, you can just click a button to reveal whether you have won.

The most popular form of instant win games is scratch cards. They used to be only available in physical locations, with most people buying them from supermarkets or local shops. But, since the internet boom, they have been modified to be accessible online. That then led to a variety of online instant win games being created.

Best Online Instant Win Games With Good Odds 

So, to help you narrow your choices down, we have listed some of the best online instant win games with good odds below:

  • The Link Scratch: This is an online instant win scratch card game where you virtually scratch off the card to find out if you won any prizes. With this game, you could potentially win up to £10,000. 
  • Tennis Scratch: This is an exciting scratch game with a tennis theme. Its bets start from a minimum of £0.50, and all you have to do is press the "Reveal" button after placing your bet to reveal whether or not you are a winner. Like the Link Scratch, the Tennis Scratch instant win game has instant wins of up to £10,000.
  • Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster: As the name suggests, this is an instant win game where you have to match numbers in a cluster to win. Bets start from as little as £0.10, and the maximum win is up to 500x your stake. It features a Pot of Gold bonus where you may win prize multipliers.
  • Matching Through The Snow: In this Christmas-themed instant win game, you must scratch the houses to reveal a symbol. If you reveal two matching symbols, you win the corresponding prize. Some symbols can reveal instant prizes even if they do not match with another, while some trigger a bonus instant pick game. With the Matching Through The Snow instant win game, you could win up to £150,000.
  • Cash Pong Instant Tap: This game borrowed its theme from the classic ping pong game. All you have to do is bounce the ball into a red cup to win the prize associated with the cup. Most of the cups carry prizes, while one of them carries 5 free games. 
  • Football scratch card: This game may appeal to football lovers. All you have to do is reveal a matching shirt to receive an instant win. With the Football scratch card instant win game, you could potentially win anything between 1x and 50,000x your stake. Stakes start from as little as £0.10.
  • Yahtzee Instant Tap: This instant win game is a dice-themed game where you have to make six different kinds of winning combinations, including a three-of-a-kind (three dice showing the same value), a full house which is a three-of-a-kind and a pair or a Yahtzee. A Yahtzee-winning combination offers the top prize.
  • Lucky Day: Mega Hallowin: With this Halloween-themed game, you can potentially win up to £50,000. To see if you've won, simply move the cursor to scratch off the panels and reveal matching symbols.
  • Super Shamrock: In this online scratch card game, you can win up to £1,500 if you scratch and match three symbols. You simply move the cursor to scratch all the coins or click the "Reveal" all button to reveal the prizes all at once. The minimum bet for the Super Shamrock instant win game starts from as little as £0.15.
  • Stargate Scratch: The Stargate Scratch lottery is inspired by the sci-fi movie Stargate. This instant win game has a bonus and five different mini-games where you have to match prize values and symbols. Stargate Scratch offers the chance for players to win up to 3,515x your stake.

Play Instant Win Games For Real Money

Instant win games are popular and simple online casino games. They require no skill whatsoever and are pure chance-based games. And to make the gameplay even more exciting, they now come in various themes with different features.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.