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What Is a Fruit Machine Dongle & What Does It Do?

You’ll learn that a fruit machine requires a few things to run the first time you’re thinking of purchasing one. Not to worry, these little knick knacks are crucial for the machine’s efficient operation. A dongle is one such item.

What Is a Fruit Machine Dongle?

A dongle is an object you connect to a port that enables you to access game content. 

In essence, the dongle is a USB device that plugs straight into the fruit machine, acting as a digital key. Fruit machine manufacturers created them to prevent piracy and to ensure people are paying for access to their slots.

What Does a Fruit Machine Dongle Do?

A fruit machine dongle lets you access games on your slot machine. It’s essentially a licence you purchase for a given duration, to access games successfully via your fruit machine.

Whilst in use, the dongle has a life-span before it needs renewal. For example, if you buy a 3-year fruit machine dongle, it needs to be plugged in whilst you’re playing the slot game, and allows 3 years of playing time.


Dongles enable you to play your favourite games on a slot machine. They’re a security measure created by the makers, and they’re essentially digital licenses that allow you to actually play the physical fruit machine.