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How to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

How to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

Playing on the slots, online or land-based, is an incredible amount of fun all on its own. Indeed, you don’t even really have to win anything big to find a serious amount of enjoyment in the many twists and turns that this exhilarating world has to offer. This is especially true of the online realm, where developers have been creating games that can match that of a Playstation or Xbox for playability. The Codfather anyone?

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However, all this aside, the number one thing on every avid slot gambler’s list of desires is, of course, a larger than life of pot of winnings. Whilst this is possible on many games, the most astronomical jackpots can only be found on progressive jackpot slots. What is a progressive jackpot slot? You may ask. Well, it sounds like you need a guide to progressive jackpot slots. Let’s get into it, find slot games at this link.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

To play progressive jackpot slots differs from a normal one in that with each losing turn the jackpot increases slightly, each game is slightly different but this fact can result in some seriously eye watering prizes on offer. So you can see why they are called progressive jackpots now, as the reward for winning is constantly progressing with every loss. And when somebody has the extreme luck to win… well the jackpot reverts to its minimum and a gambler walks away with an outrageously large grin on his face.

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There are three varieties of progressive jackpot slots to get your head around, although they all work on exactly the same principle. A standalone progressive jackpot slot is most commonly found as a land-based machine, the jackpot for this is only linked to a single game – although online all players simultaneously playing the same title will contribute to the jackpot. There are also local progressive jackpot machines – this is where multiple machines are linked up to the same jackpot in a casino, for instance, whether it be on land or online. And finally, we have the network progressive jackpot machines (where the real money can be won). For this, machines can be linked across various casinos or sites, this is usually as a result of the title’s developer. Mega Bucks is probably the most famous example of this.

Why Should I Play a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

So, you know what they are now, but the next step in our guide to progressive jackpot slots is answering the question: why should I play a progressive jackpot slot? Well, any seasoned gambler will tell you that it really isn’t a difficult enquiry to respond to. Although it is much harder to win on a progressive jackpot slot, when that win finally does come in it could eclipse all the winnings you’ve ever made from the slots put together. There genuinely is not many other ways of accumulating such a vast fortune with one press of a button or pull of a lever – that’s for sure. So quite simply, the reason why you should play a progressive jackpot slot is because, if the odds are in your favour, you could walk away a completely changed person. It could genuinely turn your life upside down, but not before you read on through our guide to progressive jackpot slots.  

What Are Some of the Biggest Wins on a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

Now, you might well be asking for proof of quite how lucrative these progressive jackpot slots can be, and we are obliged to give you some ludicrous examples. Probably the most famous progressive jackpot machine in the world is the Las Vegas Megabucks series, and this fame has at least something to do with the exorbitant prizes that have been won over the years. These machines are an example of network progressive jackpots, so it increases with each loss on each machine in existence – you can start to see why they end up paying out so much. And what’s more is that the minimum is always set at $10 million. Yeah, you read that right. Ten million dollars is the minimum, absolutely ridiculous.

There have been some pretty hefty wins on the Megabucks machines in the last several decades, the most recent of which was a reported $11.8 million. But this is peanuts in comparison to some of the other massive wins. For instance, in 1998 a retired airline attendant placed too much on a spin by accident, however it came up as a win and he walked away with a cool 27.5 million dollars. Lucky for some eh?

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But things got even luckier for a Las Vegas native called Elmer Sherwin. His story really is silly, and it makes you wonder if there really is such thing as divine intervention. But anyway, Mr Sherwin had the good fortune to win $4.6 million in 1989, instantly becoming one of the biggest slot wins in history at the time. But here’s where the story gets even more bonkers – in 2005 he went back to a Megabucks and won a crazy $21.1 million. Does it get better than that?

Funnily enough though we still haven’t got to the absolute biggest progressive jackpot win in history. This accolade goes to a software engineer who placed a pretty brave $100 dollars on one spin, ending with a jackpot that exceeds $39 million. That really is enough to completely change your life for the better, all through one spin that took a few seconds to do.

Whilst these have all been on physical land-based slot machines, namely the Megabucks series, there have also been a number of quite large jackpots awarded in the online casino world. For instance, a man named Jon Heywood won the Guinness World Record for biggest online slot win in 2015. It was a generous £13.2 million obtained on the Mega Moolah online slot, a lovely prize to win from the comfort of your own house that’s for sure.

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Whilst progressive jackpots were originally very much confined to the land-based casino industry, they have been making serious inroads online as developers cotton on to the appealing nature of these types of games. No more than ever you could be in with the very real chance of hitting a huge jackpot online. For example, PokerStars casino have very recently introduced a variety of progressive jackpot slots that are all set to a million dollar minimum jackpot. Already they have paid out over 12 times in the last few years.

So, by now the appeal of playing progressive jackpot slots should be more than obvious. Next up in our guide to progressive jackpot slots is a list of some of the best examples to try your luck on.

What Are The Best Land-Based Progressive Jackpot Slots To Play?

As you may well have guessed from our round up of the biggest progressive jackpot slot wins, the Las Vegas Mega Bucks machines are very hard to overlook when it comes to the best land-based progressive jackpot slots to play. We saw the level of wins that can be won from these machines, so they are easily one of the best machines to try your luck on. If you are looking to play on a physical progressive jackpot, therefore, we really can’t advocate anything else than making the trip to Las Vegas and hitting up those fabled Mega Bucks machines. You just never know what could happen.

What Are The Best Online Progressive Jackpot Slots To Play?

Although progressive jackpots originated as wholly solid-state phenomenon, the recent surge in online casino has resulted in there being far more choice over the Internet than in real life. Developers and casino sites have truly cottoned onto the fact that progressive jackpots are incredibly appealing, hence the vast amount of variety in the present day. Let’s take a look at some of the best online progressive jackpots you can play.

One of the most popular titles on the market these days is Mega Moolah by the critically acclaimed developers Microgaming. As the name suggest, this is a game that is wholly geared towards mega wins, something it does not disappoint at providing. Mega Moolah is part of Microgaming’s incredibly impressive Progressive Jackpot Network, which means it is linked with thousands of the same slot being played across the world. No wonder the jackpot regularly exceeds 5 million dollars. Not bad is it?

Mega Fortune is another online slot with a seriously bountiful progressive jackpot that is loved by millions across the world. Developed by industry leaders NetEnt, this title focuses on the life of the affluent classes, with symbols and background images to match. Play it enough and you may just end up being able to live the same kind of life as that depicted in the game itself. Tantalizing stuff.

If that’s not enough you will also definitely want to check out Jackpot Giant by Playtech, definitely one of the more humorous offerings on the market currently. Jackpot Giant revolves around (you guessed it) an amiable giant who lives in the Stone Age and absolutely loves throwing coins into a volcano. Lucky for you those coins could be destined for your pockets if you’re lucky enough!

So, we’ve gone through the basics of progressive jackpot slots, the biggest wins that have been made so far, and some of the best games to try out. Next on the agenda in this guide to progressive jackpot slots is some key knowledge on how to actually play them.

How Do I Go About Playing A Progressive Jackpot Slot?

Without a doubt the biggest factor you will need to consider before you start dropping serious cash on a progressive jackpot slot is the minimum bet required to actually unlock said jackpot. This will differ from game to game, but it is paramount to work this out otherwise you could find yourself playing without any chance of actually obtaining the jackpot at all. You will also want to consider the fact that it may take hundreds of spins to win here, maybe even more. The auto-spin feature (if your chosen slot has one) is your best friend here as it will stop you from repeatedly clicking.

That being said, it is very very important that you stay responsible when chasing progressive jackpots; they are such a tantalizing proposition that many gamblers find themselves unable to stop spinning. Set yourself a budget and stick to it, there is nothing worse than chasing a jackpot for so long that you find yourself without any money left at all. Definitely something to avoid!

Top Tips & Tricks For Online Gambling

At the end of the day, playing on progressive jackpot slots is a huge game of chance, and the probabilities really do have to be in your favour to obtain a win. That being said, there are a variety of tips and tricks that can help you out, and this wouldn’t be a guide to progressive jackpot slots if we didn’t explore at least a few.

First off, a game with a higher current jackpot is probably more likely to pay out then one with a lower jackpot. This is mainly because to accumulate a massive jackpot the game must have been in play for quite some time, making it more likely that it will pay out in a shorter amount of time. Be wary though, this is not always the case.

Choosing the right time to play can be a huge help towards getting your hands on that almighty jackpot. Obviously it will always be somewhat random, however many games are programmed to pay out at the same kind of time frame. It is worth doing your research to find out the kind of time that your chosen slot tends to release its goods – although it may not help you at all there is also the chance that it will.

Remember also, there is nothing more gutting than finally winning a progressive jackpot and then being told it must be paid out in yearly instalments. Try and find a casino – online or land-based – that will promise to give you all the winnings in one go!

So that’s the end of this guide to progressive jackpot slots, happy playing!