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Penny Bingo: Play 1p Bingo Games Online

Did you know you can enjoy bingo games online for just 1p? 

To find out more about penny bingo games and how to play them online, continue reading this Wizard Slots blog post.

What Is Penny Bingo?

As the name suggests, penny bingo is a bingo game with a minimum stake amount of just £0.01 per ticket. Even though these bingo games are incredibly cheap, they can offer the same entertainment and fun you may get from playing higher-stakes bingo games.

At Wizard Slots casino, you can enjoy various bingo game variants, including 80 Ball Bingo, Pretty Penny and even bingo slot machine games like Calavera Bingo

Penny bingo plays out just like regular bingo, typically offering the same rules and gameplay.

Some penny bingo games may even offer potential jackpot prizes, depending on the game.

To find out more about a specific bingo game and how it works, you can refer to the bingo game rules.

How Does Penny Bingo Work?

As mentioned, penny bingo usually works exactly the same as regular bingo. The only difference is the low minimum stake value per ticket.

With many bingo games, the number of tickets you can buy at a time is limited. For example, some games may allow you to buy up to a maximum of up to 300 tickets, while others may only offer a maximum of 80.

You’ll notice that each bingo ticket contains a playing grid of random numbers. For example, in 90 Ball Bingo, the numbers can range from 1 to 90. To land a win, the numbers on your ticket(s) need to match the numbers generated by the game. But, they usually need to form a specific pattern or line, and you typically have to be the first player to achieve this. 

In some bingo games, all the numbers on the ticket may need to correspond with all the numbers generated by the game to receive a higher possible payout or even unlock a bonus. This is typically known as having a full house, while marking a line is known as having a bingo.

However, you can still potentially win by being the first player to form one line, two lines, or three lines.

Again, to learn more about a specific bingo game variation, you can refer to the game rules.

Penny Bingo Rules

Low-stakes penny bingo games typically offer straightforward rules. However, these may differ slightly depending on the particular bingo game you are playing. Therefore, you may want to read through the game rules before you start playing.

In the meantime, let’s look at some of the basic online penny bingo rules:

  • Have an active account with a trusted online casino or bingo site like Wizard Slots.
  • Make your preferred deposit amount to be able to play real money bingo games online.
  • Search for and load a penny bingo game, such as 80 Ball Bingo.
  • Read through the specific bingo game’s rules to understand the objective of the game and the potential payout. For example, how many lines do you need to check off to receive a payout and in what pattern, if any?
  • Purchase your ticket(s) before the game starts. 
  • Random numbers will be drawn and are usually automatically marked off your purchased bingo tickets if playing online.

All bingo games are not made equal, so the rules above may not apply to all. 

The same goes for the medium with which you play the bingo game. For example, playing bingo online may differ from playing bingo in a land-based casino or bingo hall.

Best 1p Bingo Games Online

Listed below are some of the best 1p bingo games you can play online:

  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • Pretty Penny

Play Bingo Online at Wizard Slots

You can play bingo online at Wizard Slots and experience the simplicity and entertainment online bingo has to offer. 

Additionally, Wizard Slots bingo games are optimised to be mobile friendly.

If you create a Wizard Slots casino account, not only will you have access to a range of bingo games, but you will also be able to play other online casino games like slot games, blackjack, roulette and scratchcards. 

Your gaming, personal information, and banking details will also be protected as we are a safe and secure online casino with advanced security encryptions. Wizard Slots casino also has your convenience in mind, so we offer a selection of deposit and withdrawal methods

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Please gamble responsibly.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time.