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What Is Pool Betting & How Does The Pools Work?

What Is Pool Betting & How Does The Pools Work?

Pool betting is a popular betting format in a variety of sports, including horse racing and football. It's an exciting method of wagering that's distinct from traditional fixed-odds betting, which offers punters a different betting experience and potentially large payouts from a small stake. 

In essence, pool betting is a system where all stakes on a particular bet are accumulated into a single pool. The operator then deducts their margin, and the remaining funds are distributed proportionally among the winning bettors. 

This format of betting is particularly popular in horse racing. However, it's also prevalent in other sports, including football, where it's often referred to as the football pools. 

The Pools Betting UK: What Is It?

The pools, or football pools, are a long-established form of pool betting in the UK. It originated in 1923 with Sir John Moores' creation of Littlewoods, a company that sold entries to a "football pools" competition. 

The basic premise of the pools is that players pay a fixed amount to enter, predicting the outcomes of a series of football matches. The pool is then shared among those with the most accurate predictions after taxes and profits have been subtracted. 

Pool Betting vs Football Pools

While both pool betting and football pools are based on the same principle of accumulating all stakes into a single pool and sharing the winnings among successful bettors, they are typically used in different contexts. 

Pool betting is a term more commonly associated with horse racing, where bets like the Placepot, Quadpot, Jackpot, and Scoop6 are prevalent. These bets involve predicting the outcome of several races at a single meeting, adding an additional layer of complexity and excitement. 

On the other hand, football pools focus exclusively on predicting the results of football matches, usually centred around the weekend's fixtures. This is often seen as a simpler variant of pool betting, making it a popular choice for many punters. 

What Is Pool Betting? Tote Betting Explained

Tote betting is synonymous with pool betting in the UK. It operates all the pool betting business on horse racing in the country, offering a range of popular bets like the Placepot, Quadpot, Jackpot, and the very popular Scoop6. 

In Tote betting, the punter's stake is pooled together with those of other bettors. The winnings are then shared among those who make correct predictions, making it possible to win substantial amounts from a small stake. 

How Does The Football Pools Work?

The football pools are straightforward. Each week, players are given a list of fixtures and asked to predict the outcome of the matches. The more correct predictions a player makes, the more they stand to win from the pool. 

This is more straightforward than horse racing, as there are fewer possible outcomes per event.

How Do Football Pools Payout?

The payouts in football pools depend on the number of correct predictions a player makes and the total amount in the pool. Generally, the more accurate predictions a player makes, the larger their share of the pool. 

It's also important to note that football pools often have a rollover system. If no player makes a perfect set of predictions in a given week, the pool can roll over to the next week, leading to potentially huge payouts down the line. 

Do People Still Do The Pools?

Yes, football pools remain a popular form of betting in the UK despite the rise of online betting and the prevalence of fixed-odds betting. The possibility of winning large sums from small stakes, combined with the simplicity of the format, makes the pools an appealing option for many punters. 

Is It Worth Doing The Football Pools?

Whether or not it's worth doing the football pools depends largely on what you're looking to get out of your betting experience. If you enjoy the thrill of potentially winning big from a small stake and don't mind the unpredictability of the payouts, then the pools could be a great option for you. 

However, if you prefer to know exactly what you stand to win when you place your bet, or if you prefer betting on individual matches rather than a series of fixtures, then traditional fixed-odds betting might be more your style. 

One thing's for sure: whether you choose to do the pools, engage in Tote betting, or stick to traditional fixed-odds betting, the most important thing is to gamble responsibly and always bet within your means.