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Progressive Jackpots Guide

Progressive Jackpots Guide

These days, especially because of the level of technological advancement in online casino slots, many people are content to spin the reels more out of enjoyment than the possibility of winning any real cash. Indeed, more and more people are electing to play their desired title in free mode, testimony to the fun one can have from simply playing without any kind of monetary prize on offer.

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Really though, the whole point of slots is to win a healthy amount of money, and luckily for us, there is a huge number of titles out there that offer the chance to do so. Of all of these, it is progressive jackpot slots that are the most appealing, purely because the prizes on offer with these have the tendency to be utterly gargantuan. But what is a progressive jackpot slot? Well, read on for a how to play jackpots guide that will answer this potential question. 

What Are Jackpots?

Unlike a normal slot jackpot that is determined and fixed from the start, whatever happens, a progressive jackpot fluctuates over time in accordance with how many losing spins are being placed. This is why they are called progressive jackpots because the monetary prize on offer is constantly liable to progression until somebody has the good fortune to win of course. And this happening really is an example of good fortune, as we will see later on these prizes can be immense.

Not all progressive jackpots are the same, however, and it is important to recognise the distinction between the varieties before we continue this progressive jackpots guide. Primarily there are the standalone progressive jackpot slots, these were the first ones created and are the most simple – the jackpot increase with each loss but only on the individual machine. Things get slightly more complicated when you encounter local progressive jackpot machines; the prize here is linked across several machines and goes up with each loss on any unit. Finally, there are network progressive jackpots, this is where games are hooked up to a vast network and the jackpot is linked to all machines. It is here where the biggest prizes can be won.

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Why Should I Play Jackpot Slot Games?

It’s simple really if you want to win a huge amount of money playing on the slots than a progressive jackpot game is by far the best way to do so, there really isn’t any arguing that fact. Whilst it is inherently harder to win on these games when you do it can end up being a sum that is more than any previous wins you’ve made combined. It is also one of the quickest ways one can make such a large amount of cash. It takes a few seconds to spin those reels if you are lucky enough to see a winning combination it could change your life forever. Why should you play progressive jackpot slots? It’s simple really. Go ahead and deposit £10 on slots games to start!

What Are Some of the Biggest Wins?

As we just explained, the biggest reason why one should play on a progressive jackpot slot is the eye-watering prizes that are on offer. But, you may ask, what are the biggest wins ever on progressive jackpot slots? Some of these figures may surprise you, but we assure you we are talking complete sense. Most of the biggest wins in history have come as a result of the fabled Las Vegas Mega Bucks machines, however, with the massive expansion of online casino, we could soon see this facet of the industry become the leaders.

Regardless, the biggest jackpot ever to be won currently is an absolutely mental $39 million, talk about a life-changing sum of money. Really though, prizes of over 10 million dollars are not the biggest rarity at all – take the case of Elmer Sherwin for instance. This incredibly lucky man won 4.6 million dollars back in 1989, one of the biggest wins recorded at the time. But guess what happened nearly two decades later? He won again, and this time it was a ludicrous $21.1 million – can you believe it?

Elsewhere, the biggest recorded online progressive jackpot win came from a man called Jon Heywood in 2015. He won £13.2 million on a Mega Moolah online slot; quite the amount of money to win from the comfort of your home isn’t it? Online casino is finally starting to catch up with the huge jackpots on offer on a land-based machine such as the Mega Bucks. For example, PokerStars casino has recently introduced a progressive jackpot network that is set to a million dollar minimum. Very nice indeed.

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What Are The Best Progressive Jackpots To Play?

It goes without saying, but if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas with a burning desire to try a progressive jackpot slot you would be silly to not have a few spins at least on one of their fabled Mega Bucks machines. They are famous for a reason; it’s no wonder the top wins in history have all been from these machines.

As for the online realm, there are more and more progressive jackpot slots popping up, as developers properly cotton onto their appeal. Of all of these however you just cannot look past Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. This is a fantastic example of online casino based entertainment, and what’s more, is each game is hooked up to Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot Network. With thousands of the same game linked together, the jackpot can regularly exceed 5 million dollars, pretty good eh?

Tips & Tricks

Progressive jackpot slots can often be some of the simplest to play as bonus rounds are kept to a minimum, however, it is still important that you play them properly, or else you could have literally nil chance of winning that almighty jackpot. For example, it is crucial that you are betting over the minimum amount to actually qualify for the jackpot itself. This is different from game to game, though it is easy to find in the information.

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Whilst there are no ways to guarantee you win there are a few tips and tricks that could help you on your way. Primarily, a game with a higher current jackpot is probably more likely to pay out than one with a small one, purely because it would have been played for longer. Careful though, this is not always the case.