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What Does 'Pulled Up' Mean In Horse Racing?

What Does 'Pulled Up' Mean In Horse Racing?

Horse racing is a sport that has been around since the 18th century, and it is still one of the biggest sports to date. Whenever there is a horse race, hopeful spectators and bettors watch in anticipation, hoping their horses win.

Sometimes, the races do not go as planned, and the jockey may pull their horses, which would then be recorded by bookmakers in case someone took a bet on it. But what exactly does pulled up mean, and do you get your money back should your horse be pulled up? 

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What Does Pulled Up Mean In Horse Racing?

Horses may encounter issues mid-race and cannot continue with the race. When that happens, the jockey brings their horse to a halt and takes them out of the race. That is what is known as a pulled-up horse. 

To slow down the horse or bring it to a halt, the jockey would pull up the reins; hence the term pulled up. But, this term does not apply to horse racing only. It is often associated with runners who halt their race due to injury or another reason.

There are several reasons why jockeys would pull up their horses mid-race, some of which include feeling like the horse cannot continue racing because of an injury or that it did not start the race on a good footing. 

Remember that the jockey will always choose their horse's well-being, so whenever you see a horse being pulled up, understand that it was for the better.

PU Meaning In Horse Racing

"PU" is just short for pulled up. Instead of writing the full term, bookies prefer to abbreviate. So, if a horse is pulled up, they would write it as PU instead of "pulled up". The same goes for commentators. They often use abbreviations to keep things short and concise.

What Happens To Your Bet If The Horse Pulled Up?

If a jockey pulls up their horse mid-race, they are considered withdrawn and therefore do not qualify for a position. If there is no position, then there is no betting result. Your bet may also be withdrawn and returned back to you.

However, some bookmakers may consider a pulled up horse as a non-finisher and therefore grant it a losing position, which would then result in a loss for your bet too. So, if your bookmaker considers your horse a non-runner, they may likely refund your stake back.

However, more often than not, bookmakers do not offer insurance on PU horses and consider your bet a losing bet. So, to be sure, it is best to check with the bookmaker or just be prepared to lose your bet.

Do You Get Money Back If A Horse Pulls Up? 

As mentioned above, getting your money back after a horse is pulled up will depend on the particular bookie, but, more often than not, you may lose it completely. 

That is because most bookies consider a bet placed on a pulled up horse a losing bet.

However, some may give you your money back because, technically, the horse did not finish its race and therefore does not have a finishing position. But the former is more likely than the latter. However, ultimately, it all depends on the bookies. 


Like any sport, horse racing can be a volatile and unpredictable game. Plus, horses are living things that also experience distress and injuries during races, resulting in them being pulled up. 

So, in spite of the disappointment that may come with a horse being pulled up and you potentially losing your bet, it is still a normal part of the excitement and unpredictability of horse racing.

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