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What Is Rakeback?

Poker is a casino game where you play against other players, not the house. So, sometimes there is an option for Rakeback. The rake in online poker is typically around 5%. 

Want to know more about Rakeback in poker? Then read on!

How Does Rakeback Work In Poker? 

Rakeback is a term that is used in poker. A rake is the amount of money a player brings to the poker table that goes to the house for organising and running the game.

Rakeback occurs in both live casino poker and online casino poker games. In some online poker games, you can see the total amount of rake. However, you are not able to see each individual player's rake. 

There are 2 different methods that can be used to calculate Rakeback in poker:

  1. Shared Rakeback: The shared Rakeback method is when the rake is added together and divided equally between players. For example, if there were 6 people at the poker table and the total rake was £60, each player gave £10 of rake. With a Rakeback offer of 25%, a player will earn back £2.50.
  2. Contributed Rakeback: The contributed Rakeback method is where a player receives a percentage of the rake based on the money they contributed. For example, if a player placed a bet of £10 and the total rake percentage is 10%, they would contribute £1 to the rake. With a Rakeback offer of 25%, a player will earn £0.25.

Rakeback is essentially a "thank you" from the casino and allows you to take back some of the money you paid at the poker table. 

Why Doesn't Every Poker Site Have a Rakeback? 

Not every poker site has a Rakeback. The simple answer as to why is perhaps because they don't want to give players their money back, or the rake is so small that returning any of it would be futile. 

Many online uk casinos do offer Rakeback as an incentive to return to the site; however, not all of them do.