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Whittaker Progression Roulette Strategy Explained (Does It Work?)

There are various progressive roulette strategies in roulette. With progressive strategies, players must adjust their bets after either a win or loss. One of the progressive strategies in roulette is the Whittaker progression strategy. 

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the Whittaker progression roulette strategy, how it works and whether it is worth it.

What Is The Whittaker Progressive Roulette System? 

The Whittaker progressive roulette system is a negative progression system that many players use.

Progressive roulette systems like the Whittaker roulette strategy are fairly simple to get to grips with and allow players to structure their bets when they play a roulette game. 

How Does The Whittaker Progression System Work? 

The Whittaker progression system is easy to understand and can be implemented in land-based and online slots sites. To use this strategy, a player alters their unit bets accordingly, to whether they won or lost on their previous bet. 

When using the Whittaker system, players only place even money outside bets that payout 1:1. Outside bets include odd/even, 1-18/19-36 (low/high) and red/black.

The Whittaker progression system follows a sequence similar to the Fibonacci sequence (the next bet amount is the sum of the previous two bet amounts). If you lose your bet, you increase your stake, and if you win your bet, you decrease your stake. However, if you win, you gradually decrease your bet rather than immediately return to the beginning of the sequence.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Whittaker Betting System 

There are a few advantages of using the Whittaker betting system. The main advantage is that it is an entertaining strategy to use. Using a betting strategy can make gameplay more exciting, and that’s what gambling is all about; entertainment!

Another pro of using this system in roulette is that you can alter your bankroll to suit your budget. You can make your progression line lower if you have a tight bankroll. But if you prefer (and can afford it), you can increase your progression. Please gamble responsibly and only bet money you are comfortable losing.

Like a lot of negative progression strategies, there are disadvantages to using the Whittaker betting system. 

Going bust could be a player’s biggest problem using the Whittaker betting system. After multiple losses, you would have lost quite a few units, meaning this system can get very expensive, and losses can quickly stack up.

Another disadvantage of using the Whittaker progression roulette strategy is that, in the long term, the casino always wins; this is because of the house edge. The Whittaker progression strategy, like all other roulette strategies, does not change your chances of winning. Roulette is a casino game of chance.