Cash Buster Towers

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Play Cash Buster Towers uk slots today and immerse yourself in this unique and ultraviolet online slots UK game that will enable you to win some huge cash rewards. Roll the dice and match the coloured blocks to amass a small fortune in the Cash Busting Towers that inhabit this futuristic world at Wizardslots slots games.

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About the Developer

IWG are a world leaders in the games development industry having launched over 250 sumptuous online slot games, instant wins and lottery scratch cards throughout their tenure in the market.

There deep-seated knowledge of the industry coupled with an intense knowledge of what their players like all adds to the mixing pot that eventually creates the online games that they’ve became renowned for.

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About the Game


Cash Buster Towers is an instant win game that includes an exclusive range of encapsulating in-game features. When you begin to play this game you will be greeted with a range of blocks that are assorted into towers. The aim of the game is to collapse the towers, if a player has the luck of collapsing the correct tower there could be potential to create a win of around £100,000.

Once you begin the game you will be asked to place bets on your choices and you will ensue to be rewarded with no more or no less than 8 dice rolls. Once the dice is rolled a colour will appear, if this colour matches the one that makes up the tower’s architecture it will crumble. You get the jist, the aim is to reduce the towers to virtual block rubble within your eight rolls and if you manage this you will be rewarded with some lovely cash rewards.

Players must note, an extra roll can be awarded if you manage to destroy the corresponding block amid your 8 rolls. The onus is on you to navigate your way through the towers using the mere 8 rolls that you do have. In this sense you get quite a bit of gameplay for your money. 1 bet equates to 8 rolls of the dice, it really is a lottery. Everyone’s a winner baby.


The Verdict

Cash Buster Towers is certainly a unique and exciting game to be brought to the Wizard Slots platform. It chooses to verge away from the standard 5 reel, 20 payline set up and instead opts for a more versatile arcade style game that encourages steady gameplay and rewards with huge wins. Buster Towers is perhaps the best game out there if you’re looking for a valuable and cost-effective gaming experience.

Each bet you place rewards you with 8 rolls of a dice. Each roll has the possibility to only add to your fortune. Yes, there is the possibility you might not win at all, but that is the luck of the draw and the nature of gambling.

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