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Bingo 75 is an online version of classic Bingo developed by G.Games.

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Bingo 75 Game Overview

The bet sizes available in the Bingo 75 slot game range from £0.20 to £5.

The Bingo 75 game has 6 tickets, each with 24 digits.

You get a Bingo/payout if the numbers in your ticket match the random balls. For example, match all 24 balls, and you receive the maximum payout of 5,000x your wager.

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How To Play Bingo 75 

The Bingo 75 game is an online version of Bingo games. Below we have streamlined the steps to play Bingo 75:

  • Load the game and choose the number of tickets you want to play on. You can select 1 to 6 tickets.
  • Choose your stake from £0.20 to £5 per ticket. Then press Play.
  • The game will then draw balls ranging from the number 1 to 75. 
  • If any of the numbers drawn match the numbers on your tickets, they will be dabbed.
  • You will receive a payout if the dabbed symbols make a specific pattern.
  • The desired patterns are on display below the tickets.
  • The game pays out all patterns met; if you match several patterns, their payouts are added together.

Bingo Payouts Patterns

Each pattern has a different multiplier payout:

  • Single Bingo = 0.3x
  • Single Bingo across centre = 0.35x
  • Four corners = 1x
  • Slim L = 5x
  • X = 10x
  • Small frame = 20x
  • Large diamond = 25x
  • Champagne glass = 100x
  • Four corners and a small frame = 200x
  • Large frame = 2,000x
  • Full card = 5,000x

Bingo 75 RTP

Return To Player (RTP): 94.5%.

The RTP is a theoretical value and is shown as a percentage. It’s used to describe the percentage of money wagered a particular casino game may pay back to players over a certain period of time.

For example, if a game had a RTP of 92%, in theory, this would mean that for every £100 wagered, the game could return £92 back to players in potential winnings. However, it is important to note that winnings are completely random, and players are not guaranteed to receive this.

Our Thoughts

The Bingo 75 game is a fantastic online adaptation of Bingo, and we think it may appeal to those that are fans of the in-person version. 

Additionally, we love the opportunity to win big in this game. For example, getting a full card match and winning up to 5,000x your wager! Not to mention the ability to play with up to 6 cards per round; we think it’s a great addition.

We give this game an overall rating of 6/10.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.