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Rio Bingo

if you're sick of playing slot games then... Bingo! This is your chance to have the ultimate Brazilian bingo experience and work with the colourful parakeets to match your lines and achieve a full house.

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About the Developer

An 888 company through and through, Dragonfish is notoriously known for it candid style in all of
its online slot machines. Often making moves in many mobile gaming markets, Dragonfish
always has the customer in mind when creating games that garners a lot of attention within
communities that worship these types of games for their simplistic nature and more than stellar

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About the Game

Say hello everyone, Rio the party parrot is here to stay. That’s right Rio Bingo is here and is ready
to get the party started. Based on the free spirited colours and themes of Rio De Janeiro, comes
Rio Bingo: your number one destination for big cash prizes and even wilder experiences. The
highlights of Rio Bingo comes from it’s very bright and welcoming theme, inviting you to sit and
bathe in the sun with the very enthusiastic parrot Rio looking on from afar. Rio will be your spirit
guide for this game so it’s best not to disappoint him!

As soon as you join Rio Bingo you'll be automatically given a £5 No Deposit bonus. On top of
that, when you decide to make your first deposit at Rio Bingo you can look forward to a 500%
welcome bonus. So if you deposited £10 you'll get £60 to play with! Keep an eye out on the Rio
Bingo website for potential offers and deals which seem to be a regular for the site, almost like it’s
going out of fashion, but why should you complain? It’s a better experience for you! Rio Bingo can
be played across multiple different platforms, from mobiles to computers, letting you take the the
fun with you everywhere you go!

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Rio Bingo offers the traditional 90 ball and 75 ball game, games last anywhere from 30 minutes to
an hour depending on the amount of players. If you are wanting a much faster game, they also
have five line bingo which is the fastest available game possible. There is a slight possibility that
you may have been blessed with a wave of luck and have made it into the top ten, to check to see
if you're among the elite or just want to simply look at the latest winners board, just click through
the 'Community' tab, which can be found on the right hand side of the homepage. Hey presto! It’s
as simple as that.

The Verdict

This games main attraction is its very vibrant colours and very warm sunny setting that is sure to
put a smile on your face as you play. You’ll often feel like a parrot when playing this game, the
amount of times you’ll say “I WON” out-loud on repeat will set you up for fancy dress parties from
now well into the foreseeable future. Parrots are cool. 9/10

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