Slingo Riches

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Summary of Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches by Slingo Originals is a 5x5 grid online slots uk that just joined online slots casino Wizard Slots. This is a fast paced game but it is very easy to learn. It is also the kind of game you’d expect to see in a 75-ball bingo game and to the right of the reels you’ve got a hopper full of bingo balls.

However, things get interesting once you click on that green spinning button marked Spin. The pink balls in the hopper spin and the line below the board fill up with five numbers or at least a few numbers and one or more jokers, which operate as wild.

Betting starts from 50p-£100 a time with a jackpot of up to £20000. Although the concept of slingo claims to combine elements of slots and bingo, there’s not a lot here that’s drawn from slots, save for the ability to set a bet level and the introduction of jokers and scatters. 

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About Slots Developer Slingo Originals

Slingo Originals is an online slots games provider founded in 1994 by a US businessman who decided the world needed a game that combined the best of slots gaming with bingo. You can play some of their games on Wizard Slots which has available slots online just for you to try out.

The games provider has definitely developed games which have plenty of customizable options, in addition to a fast paced game play that is unique to most slots.

It also has loads of experience having started out by developing a clever combination of elements from both bingo and the slot game to come up with 'Slingo' games.

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Playing Slingo Riches Slots Games

Slingo Riches by Slingo Originals is an impressive slot that has captured the attention of many players. You can also experience this game on Wizard Slots which is the home of the top online slots. Once you’ve spun, you’ll be encouraged to click on any highlighted number on the board which are colored yellow, while regular numbers remain dark blue.

You’re given 11 spins and tasked with completing at least a single line to score slingo. You will do this by turning the numbers into green stars and you do that by clicking the highlighted number where prompted.

If the numbers drawn from the hopper on each spin happen to match any of those on the board, they’ll be transformed into stars and so the process continues.  The aim of the game is to score slingo in as few goes as possible as that’s how you turn a profit from this game.

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Bonus Features

Slingo Riches and Slingo Extreme slot is a refreshing breather from all the online slots on Wizard Slots. It’s not only got a combo of exciting bingo and slots; it comes with amazing casino bonuses as well. Examples include;

  • Joker Bonus – When you spin up a Joker, all unmatched numbers in the column above light up, enabling you to pick one to blank out. If you’re lucky enough to spin up a Super Joker, you have a chance to choose any available number from any column in the grid. You can spin up any combination of three Jokers or Super Joker symbols to receive a cash prize. You will also win cash for spinning up the cash symbol in the central column. However, if you spin up a Devil symbol that column is blocked from any chance of a match for that spin in effect it’s an empty symbol.
  • Free Spins – You get four extra spins in addition to the 11 that you buy at the start of the game. These extra spins are represented by yellow balls and they can be bought at the end of the spins or won during a game. Once all the paid spins in the game have been completed, all collected free spins balls fall into the hopper, ready to be played.

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Our Verdict on Slingo Riches Slot

Slingo Riches by Slingo Originals is an enjoyable game that you can play for fun or play for real money. You can enjoy it together with other new online slots like Slingo Rainbow Riches slot on Wizard Slots. There’s a chance of winning some real money here, so what are you waiting for?