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Casino Hold'em

Help the Wizard replicate the atmosphere of the floors of Las Vegas casinos in this popular table game. Do you know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away and know where to run? Well, if you do then this Casino poker stalwart is the perfect entry point for your online gambling needs.

About the Developer

With game developers, Online Table Games what you see is what you get. Popular with it’s long list of Vegas-themed table games, most known for its version of Blackjack and various roulette
themed games. If you enjoy table based games then why not go for a company that has it in it’s
name. We’re sure they know what they're doing.

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Casino Hold'em Croupier

About the Game

In case you haven't already guessed it yet, Casino Hold'em is a poker variation of Texas Hold'em,
the difference is that in Casino Hold'em, you play against a dealer rather than other players who
seek the same goal as you. Casino Hold’em is a great example of a mix of a theme done right. It’s
not everyday that you get this kind of quality from this type of game title. What Online Table Games have created is nothing short of phenomenal. A must play for anyone who enjoys a rather vintage title.

To play this illustrious title one must first select the bet amount. It’s here that players also have the option to place a bonus jackpot bet, this costs a little more but is generally worth it if you are
looking at hitting those high numbers when it comes to pay-out time. You are first dealt 2 face down cards, often referred to as the player's hole cards. In order to play your hand, you will need to bet a wager exactly 2x your original starting bet. This not only increases the amount of available money each round but makes sure you are fully involved in the game itself and strive to win. If you choose to fold and take a step back from the table you will lose all money placed from that point, so say you bet £10 then you will lose that money and the game will end due to you being the only active player involved.

Unlike other casino games, you can only play this game with real life money. This isn't an issue if
you know what you are doing, but can cause some issues if you are somewhat of a novice to
casino based games. It’s worth noting that you can check or fold at anytime during the game and
you aren't handcuffed to your decisions, this game is a game of wits, and just how confident you
are within each scenario. You may want to hold out revealing your hand in order to win a much
higher pay-out with each passing round. It’s a very simple game that plays well to those who are
well versed in casino games and know what they are doing. We seriously can’t stress that enough,
keep that in mind if you are considering placing money down on this title.

Casino Hold'em online slots game logo

The Verdict

Lets be honest for just a second, there are a lot and we mean a lot of casino based games out
there that state big prizes for those who wish to pursue them. Half of the time those are nothing but lies only put in place to force you to play them in hopes that you fall for their ruse. This game is 100% truthful when it tells you that it is addictive as well as fun. No lies, no deceit, just pure
honesty from Online Table Games. 9/10

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